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Make it a Date Night in Kirklandphoto

In any relationship, creativity can be a driving force to continue to cultivate the love you have committed to each other. This means getting a little creative and taking your significant other out on dates consistently and creatively. Don't let your special Valentine's day become the only day every year that you do anything out of the ordinary together. Kirkland is a perfect spot for you to start. Our guests are always looking for ways to enjoy the unique spots in Kirkland so we want to share some of these tips with you too.

Places to Go...

Kirkland is a hotspot for many privately owned bars and restaurants that put their own twist on the guest experience. One of our favorites is Flatstick Pub right on Lake Street in downtown Kirkland. They combine local beers and ciders with a not so normal 9 hole mini golf course for their patrons to attempt in the back of the pub. A great way to enjoy tastes of the Northwest while also playing a game that no one is great at but everyone enjoys.

Flatstick Pub Kirkland

Things to Do...

Get a couples massage at Still Spa in Kirkland. We're not just saying that because we can make that happen, studies have shown that couples massages can actually help couples bond more intimately. Spend 80 minutes with each other in silence or whispering and reminiscing about all the great times you have had together. After you have relaxed, continue the conversation over dinner and wine at bin on the lake.

We want to continue to provide you with the best ideas for staying creative in your relationship. One thing that really helps is setting a date night every week so you know that is the time for you two to spend well deserved time together.

Stay tuned for more date night ideas in Kirkland in the coming weeks. You never have to go far to discover.

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Stop and Shop Local in Kirkland

Shopping provides an experience perfect for building memories because it is not the same in two places. Downtown shops and boutiques reflect the personality and charm of their location. In Kirkland, every shop has a special story to tell and shopping experience to offer. We encourage our Woodmark Hotel guests to explore Kirkland's downtown shopping with our complimentary valet service. Here's some of the things you may find.

What to Wear...

Downtown Kirkland is filled with small apparel shops specializing in beautiful pieces of clothing that you can take home. Whether you find Crush Footwear for big brand women's footwear in a small personalized atmosphere or a men's shop like Asher specializing in Washington Made men's apparel, take a walk, window shop, and stop by to check out whatever tickles your fancy. Many of the shop owners are also local to Kirkland so they love meeting visitors.

Things to See...

Kirkland is know for its art community and the quality of art local residents create or curate. Being in such a creative community attracts many artists to live here and produce their interpretations of the beauty of the area. With many galleries just minutes away, we encourage guests to see the many interpretations up close and personal. ryan james fine arts curates many local artists along with nationally known ones to highlight true artistic ability. Check out some local Kirkland residents that are among the artists featured here. Performing arts of every kind can be found at the Kirkland Performance Center. With shows almost every day, let yourself get lost in the story and in Kirkland culture.

Many of the art galleries in Kirkland do offer their pieces for sale so if you find something you really like, take it home. Next time you stay with us look at the art throughout the property. The Woodmark Hotel partners with ryan james fine arts to put up rotating art every quarter from local artists that is for sale to guests. Pieces are on guest floors, in our restaurants bin on the lake and Beach Cafe, in Still Spa, and other public spaces as well. 

The best thing about staying in Kirkland is you don't have to go far to discover. You can start right here at the Woodmark Hotel. 

Staying with us soon? Call 425.822.3700 and make sure to ask our front desk team about all that Kirkland has to offer.

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Will You Be Ours this Valentine's Weekend?photo

Do you have a valentine? If you do we hope you have a fun weekend planned for the two of you to spend a romantic time together. If you don't we encourage you to do the same. You have many people in your life you can show love to even if they aren't your "Valentine." We love celebrating romance and the couples that choose Kirkland as their romantic destination but we encourage the singles out there to join some friends and take advantage of this Valentine's weekend in your own way. Read more to see how Valentine's Day isn't only for couples and how the Woodmark could be "yours."


A delicious meal is a universal thing that anyone can enjoy for any reason. It's a perfect chance to have a romantic evening and conversation with your significant other but it could also be a perfect round table for a girls night filled with laughs. In Kirkland, bin on the lake and Beach Cafe can be the backdrop for your love story or the bar can be the perfect start to fun night with friends. No two people are the same so their experience should be that way too, right? We think so.

Girls Night Kirkland

The spa always seems like a perfect Valentines Day solution; relaxation and romance packed into a couples massage. You can even take it a step farther at Still Spa and add in dinner or wine for afterwards. But if you're not looking for romance, the reality is that the spa could also be a perfect excuse for some well deserved me time. It doesn't have to be in honor of Valentines Day, it could simply be a reward to you. We all deserve something like that, especially after a long week of sitting at work. In fact, massage can actually counteract all the sitting you do during the week because it releases the tension in your neck and shoulders which manifests from long periods of sitting.

Ergonomics of Sitting

So whether you have a Valentine or not, we'd like to ask if you'd be ours? We would love to be a part of your story however we may fit in. If you have any questions about how we can help call 425.822.3700 to learn about our special offers. 

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Plan Your Escape to the Lake for Valentines Weekend in Kirklandphoto

This year Valentine’s Day is perfectly placed in the middle of the weekend, leaving room for three days  of love and romance! Being recognized by Condé Nast's  and U.S. News and World Report as a top destination, the Woodmark creates a memorable experience for every guest, no matter their reason for travel. Valentine's Day is no different... from Still Spa to our dining experiences at bin on the lake and Beach Cafe, find the perfect combination of pleasure for you and your loved one.

Still Spa offers serenity and relaxation for couples to enjoy together. . The perfect escape is the one found in each other...let everything else leave your mind as you focus on the most important thing to you. It doesn't need to stop there -  toast to each other with wine or dinner together, and let the flavors inspire your love.

Still Spa in Kirkland

Visit or call 425.803.9000 for more information about Still Spa's Valentine's packages or to book one now.

Explore local flavors and ingredients in bin on the lake and Beach Cafe  who both have special offerings to let you taste, sip while you enjoy the  romantic ambiance of Lake Washington together.

bin on the lake Kirkland

Visit or call 425-803-5595 for bin on the lake's special Valentine's weekend menu and reservations.

Visit or call 425-889-0303 for Beach Cafe's Valentine's weekend special and reservations.

Don't leave the night there...enjoy our  luxury accommodations and privacy in one of our perfectly appointed guest rooms or suites.   We’ll welcome you with chocolate-dipped strawberries and  sparkling wine and allow you to sleep in and enjoy breakfast in bed together. You'll be sure to leave with a smile and full of a newfound love.

Woodmark Hotel Kirkland

Making Valentine's plans? Be sure to check out all of the offerings mentioned above and more to create your perfect Valentines experience. Call 425.803.9000 or visit to see all of our Valentines special offers.

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Woodmark Waterfront Weddings: Create Your Love Story in Kirkland in 2015

It's hard to believe that 2015 is already upon us. It is even more amazing that we have already kicked off our 2015 wedding season, and with a bang! Our first wedding couple Elliott and Barb were an amazing one to have starting us off. Keep reading for a glimpse into their story as well as how you can create your love story in 2015 too!

Kirkland is a beautiful destination for your wedding day and it offers everything you need. Looking out on Lake Washington, you hope every couple can keep the memory of its calm and still beauty as something they will always share and talk about as they spend their life together. This is what we wish for every couple including our first 2015 couple, Elliott and Barb. They literally could not wait for their big day to come so they pushed it up from June in Hawaii to January in Kirkland. Who can blame them? When you know, you know. Every part of their experience is something we hope each couple can have when they get married at the Woodmark, read their full story here.

The amazing thing about our weddings is no matter how many come and go, we see strong and passionate between the two that is consistently unique to that couple and their story. From the moment they awake to a special breakfast from Beach Cafe, to the luxurious accomodations in their bridal suite as they get ready, ending with the unmatched splendor of their personalized Kirkland event space, each wedding story starts here.

Our Catering team would be more than happy to assist with every request and need to create your 2015 wedding story at the Woodmark in Kirkland. Be sure to ask your personal Catering Manager for other couple's stories to hear more about how we make your dreams a reality.

Want to check out the Woodmark for your wedding? Call our Catering team at 425.827.1986 to schedule a site visit today!

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Recharge Within Discovery: Art, Wine, and Relaxation in Kirklandphoto

The holidays seemed to have passed just as quickly as they had arrived. That time meant to stop and recharge never seems long enough. No wonder so many people take a "second" holiday break to get that full revitalization they need. At the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, Still Spa is the immediate choice for a wellness treatment to get the job done, but Kirkland offers many other opportunities to charge your batteries on your next Kirkland vacation. 

Lake Washington's Lull...

The lapping of Lake Washington on the shores itself is a relaxing sight and sound but it offers much more. A walk along the docks to let the mind wander and relax is a perfect start to your relaxation. Our Woodmark Waterfront Adventures team can take your relaxation out on the water too, literally. A kayak or stand up paddle board ride along the calm morning waters immerses you in serenity while letting you discover the area. You can even take it to the extreme with stand up paddleboard yoga!

Kirkland Paddle Boards

Stand up paddleboarding in Kirkland on Lake Washington.

Local Artists with Palettes or with Pairings...

Kirkland is full of local artists that express themselves with the palette or with wine and cuisine. We invite you to get lost in the local Kirkland art that is displayed throughout the Woodmark Hotel and just let yourself be in awe. Every quarter the art is rotated out to show off what's new so you can always come back for more. If you are an avid artist or just one at heart, ask about Paint Your World and the opportunity to create your own post card masterpiece and send it to someone special. If you need a bigger canvas, join our Paint and Sip events where you can create a full painting in a fun, social, and relaxed atmosphere. The best part about these events is their pairing with wine and appetizers, it makes for fun evening!

Kirkland Art in Action at the Woodmark Hotel 

Local Art in Action in Kirkland at the Woodmark Hotel

Speaking of wine and cuisine... these can be artworks in their own ways. Head to bin on the lake and experience the wine bar with over 40 wines to choose from. Many of these are made locally just miles away. Share a toast with someone special or just kick back at the bar for a moment to yourself. Don't forget to take a look out the window to once again experience the Lake Washington lull and beauty. The art continues with bin on the lake's menu of dishes that every server can skillfully pair with your wine to make the best of the flavors. If that isn't art...we don't know what is.

 bin on the lake Kirkland

bin on the lake Kirkland wine bar and restaurant

Take a moment to Be Still...

Lastly, Still Spa at the the Woodmark provides the perfect space to take some time away and be still. Our array of treatments can help you recharge now but our team will also give you tips for how to continue your wellness into the future. Their goal is to educate so every guest can live better and be still more. Discover a level of relaxation you never knew.

Still Spa in Kirkland

Still Spa at the Woodmark in Kirkland


Need to recharge and discover? Call Reservations at 888-978-7261 to learn more about how your next Kirkland vacation can help!

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You Have the Power, Use it to Discover Kirkland with the Woodmark Hotelphoto

At the Woodmark Hotel we are honored to be a part of such a rich destination like Kirkland. Whether it is the strong rooted community, authentic local life, or small town welcome to a city, Kirkland has a experience ready for you to discover. At the Woodmark Hotel, we seek to empower our guests to create their stay through every memory that makes the overall story. Each week we will be highlighting an experience you will find in our beautiful city but your personal story is up to you and how you choose to embark it. Keep reading for this week's experience to begin creating your Kirkland story.

Lakeside Rejuvenation

You will shortly find that one of the top benefits of Kirkland is it's proximity to the beautiful, still, and serene Lake Washington. This leaves endless possibilities based on season and the type of story each guest is looking to tell.

  • Seeking Adventure? Brave the wake in a kayak or jet ski dashing through the water full speed towards a high speed memory

Lake Washington Kayaks

  • Seeking Relaxation? Slow down and take out a stand up paddle board as you take in the breathtaking views while balancing on the surface of Lake Washington.

 Kirkland Paddle Boards

  • Want to go beyond? Take a tour on the Woodmark II with Captain Rob and tell him where you would like to go.

Woodmark II Kirkland

Every guest has a story of Lake Washington. We encourage you to make yours and tell us about it! Share it with our front desk team or send us a picture on Facebook!

Make your next Kirkland experience today! Call Reservations at 888-991-2113.

Already have a story from your last stay? We would love to hear about it, share it with us on Facebook at

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Love is in the Air: Plan Ahead for the Big Day with the Big Show

The Seattle Wedding Show is approaching this next weekend and this is where your journey begins. All you need for your big day in one place. This can be a huge time saver because you could end up leaving with a list of vendors you have chosen to work with. Our Woodmark team will be at the show talking about our venue right on Lake Washington and how that beauty can't be duplicated. This event is an amazing time but can also be stressful and intimidating. Keep reading for some tips to survive your next wedding show experience and even get some things done in preparation for your wedding.

Join us for the Seattle Wedding Show this coming weekend but keep these tips in mind to make sure you get the most out of your experience:

Don’t be embarrassed to ask lots of questions. That’s why you are at the show. Professionals are happy to share what they know with you. Be gutsy . . . taste the cake and smell the flowers.


Our Kirkland team is ready to answer any of your questions and give the personalized attention you deserve. This is day is special and we don't expect you to know it all yet. Take some samples see what makes the best sense for you.


Ask your fiancé to come along. It is much more likely that you will be able to make a decision and book a vendor, if accompanied. The groom’s participation in wedding planning is growing. Today, about 30% of grooms accompany their brides to wedding shows.


Make the 30% grow! This day is for both of you and so both of you should be involved. That way you can make decisions there and get things checked off of your list. Our Seattle Wedding team encourages grooms to be just as involved as their bride for the pure efficiency of the process.

Plan to spend a minimum of three to four hours in order to see all the exhibits and the fashion show.


Lastly, don't rush through the show by setting some time aside to enjoy the experience. If you don't make every decision or get everything done that's okay! Get contact information for the vendors you are interested in working with and stay in touch. Each couple can contact any of our Catering Managers for personalized attention in planning their lakeside wedding in downtown Kirkland.


Come see us at the Seattle Wedding Show this weekend! Call our Catering Team at 425.827.1986 to let us know you are coming!


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