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Top 5 Summer Activities in Bellevue

Have I mentioned yet that we are so lucky to be situated where we are?! Really truly, this spot on the gorgeous Lake Washington is the perfect temperature. And by temperature, I mean the perfect balance from exploring and retreating. If you want to disconnect from obligations, turn off the phone and just be here in the hotel…that is very easy and possible. And if you want to plan a girls night out, that is very easy and possible too! Dependent on availability, our shuttle can take you and your party within a four mile radius – which takes you to two different cities and when you want to catch up on your rest, do it in your room with a view of the lake! And I must continue with our summer guide activity with five wonderful things to do in Bellevue – a city that is less than 10 minutes away and a bike ride that is less than five miles away.


  1. Yogurtland – I don’t remember when frozen yogurt rose right next to the deliciousness of ice cream, but I am thankful it did! We have been experiencing some hot weather (for the PNW that is) and I must say sometimes, an iced coffee just doesn’t do “it.” Yogurtland is located right next to Bellevue Square (we will get to that one in a little bit) and when you walk inside the cool air washes over you like a wave on a hot beach. “Ahh…so refreshing.” We say the same thing. Colorfully decorated cups are waiting to be picked up and filled with scrumptious flavors of frozen yogurt. There are a lot of choices, you can choose flavors that are sweet, savory, or plain. There is a flavor to please the taste buds of the whole family! My favorite part is picking out the toppings, you do it all! “An extra scoop of crumbled Oreos?” Sure! “Oh, but the sprinkles, do I have room?” Of course you do! Once you are content with the presentation of your handcrafted frozen yogurt, weigh the cup and pay. And you, my friend, will be on your merry way! But don’t sit yet…walk over to the….
  2. Bellevue Park –What a park! Once you find it (it’s not hard at all, walking from Yogurtland is rather close) you’ll be amazed at how many different activities you can do in one spot! Consider #2, a deal! We at the Woodmark have got your back. Let’s start with the activities that are best for families and young kids. Not only is there what feels like acres of green area there is a beautiful playground just for the kids. And by that, I want to mention it is a playground for kids of all ages! This park has monkey bars, slides, things you swing on and climb, and a soft ground for the occasional moment of imbalance. It truly is a wonderful place for even the parents to join in and play too, or even sit on the surrounding benches and relax. If you are on a solo trip, be it business or leisure, the park is incredible for a nice run, but if you are like me, it’s perfect for a fast walk or slow jog. The sounds of the fountain right next to the lightly graveled path will keep you motivated and attune to the beautiful natural sounds that can often times be lost in a busy city. But here at the park, it is a sanctuary to hear the feet of crows skipping across the ground in front of you, the flapping of the birds wings, and the soft sounds of the wings tickling the trees’ leaves and branches. Should you find yourself with a group of friends, the grassy area in the center of the circular park is the perfect spot to set up a picnic and throw a Frisbee  or kick a soccer ball back around. And now if you are a traveler like me and often forgot what seem to be the most important items, walk on over to…
  3. Bellevue Square – This is what you will hear most locals call “The Square.” You will find all your needs here and find ‘wants’ that you didn’t even know existed! I don’t want to call this your typical mall because with the interior redesign and the third floor dedicated to children…it is pretty special. This activity, like the Bellevue Park, can be enjoyed by all. From the big brand names like Nordstrom and Macy’s to stores that can be enjoyed solely by the children to Tesla that does indeed have the latest model in the store. Bellevue Square is the place to purchase essentials and even items on the wish list, it is a one stop shop for all. And if you’re hungry or thirsty there are a multitude of shops to put the pep back in your step. Lincoln Square – A sky bridge walk away is Lincoln Square where there are phenomenal places for Happy Hour (lunch and dinner) such as Earl’s, Palomino, McCormick and Schimck’s, Maggianos, and so much more! You can even take the escalators, stairs or elevators to the third floor where you can enjoy the Lincoln Square Cinemas for a wonderful movie and a big bucket of buttery popcorn. Or if you are not feeling a movie, you can certainly go bowling at Lucky Strike where after 10 PM it turns to a venue for only 21 & up guests. There are plenty of engaging activities at Lincoln Square to enjoy and participate. Should you want to enjoy more things outside, located right off of main street is…
  4. Bellevue Botanical Gardens – This is a true sanctuary, taking gifts made from nature and humans staging a beautiful garden that allows guests on the path to get as close as can be. You’ll feel inspired to start your own garden, anytime I visit, I truly believe that I have a green thumb. You’ll be in awe of the beauty that can be found in the midst of a busy city and you’ll feel motivated to create a garden of your own. And from personal adventures of thumb that isn’t always ‘green’ start with a succulent teehee.. Should you follow this itinerary or find new activities along the way, dinner time should be just about now and I recommend you walk over to…
  5. Daniel’s Broiler – Located on the 21st floor of Bellevue Place, it is an absolutely incredible restaurant that has been around for years. If you choose to splurge, Daniel’s will always provide an extraordinary level of service and bring out food that will have you eating slowly and savoring each bite. Since the weather has been excellent, I recommend you sit outside of the patio (either on the bar side or restaurant side) fro the patio you can see Seattle and Lake Washington, see all parts of Bellevue and see the sun set from the 21st floor. There are even shades that you can pull down should the sun get in your eyes and when the sun sets, the servers turn on the outdoor heaters to keep you comfortable while enjoying your meal. I will share with you one of my most treasured secrets…the coconut sundae dessert is a must have! Personally, I do not like coconut but I absolutely adore this dessert. And always get a large! You will be blown away by how tasty this dessert is…I won’t go into too much detail because this blog might not ever end.

Check back in on Thursday for the Top 5 Things to do in Redmond! Do you have any favorite spots to visit while you are in Bellevue? We would love to hear in the comments!

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Top 5 Summer Activities in Kirkland


If the Woodmark Hotel could speak, it would say, “Can someone put sunscreen on my brick walls? The sun’s reflection on the water is so bright! But I love it! But my favorite part is when people walk on the path right in front of me, I get to hear them laugh and I hear all about their ventures into town. As I listen, I hear some of the funnest (that’s a word, right?) activities…though we haven’t met I want to share them with you…”

  1. Ben & Jerry’s – If you choose to walk into Kirkland from the Woodmark, this will be your first shop on the right side of the road that will officially introduce you into the quaint boutique town of Kirkland. Before you cross the small residential street, the sweet scent of freshly made waffle cones will capture your attention. Right in the middle of crossing the street you will see the bright and cheery colors that will get you all excited about the warm weather, the same excitement that little children feel about the weather! By the time the excitement has set in, you will have reached the front door. I will be honest and say that there may be that feeling…the one where you say to yourself, “Oh should I?” and then something about sugar and exercise.. But from personal experience, I can tell you, “Always say yes!” Once you open the door, you experience the full wave of deliciousness – and yes, you can smell the frozen ice cream and yes, you can almost see the scrumptious smell coming off the waffle cones. Don’t even get me started on the flavors, I’ll let that one be a surprise for you. Just do us a favor and visit our friends, Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry. And as you depart the store, a friendly employee will say, “Thank you!” And have you on your way to…
  2. Marina Beach Park – With your ice cream cone (or bowl) in hand, Marina Beach Park is a crosswalk maybe two away from the steps where dipping your toes in the water in perfectly acceptable. Cool down must take place for your tummy and toes! This park is just the right size – a nice grass area for all to enjoy, many benches and picnic tables with beautiful plates of dedication about the wonderful people that enjoyed that same spot, a PNW beach, and a long dock that leads to many different size boats (including the big Argosy ships!) A good spot to finish enjoying your ice cream is to sit on one of the many benches and enjoy your surroundings. There is something about stopping and eating ice cream that enhances the taste and the joyous emotion that starts in the heart and exudes outward! Marina Beach Park is the perfect place to do it! You are so close to nature made beauty and to be a part of it is a wonderful feeling. And just in case you are worried, you aren’t too far from town (and shopping!) And in case you want to be here when there are a lot of people smiling and having a good time, come here on a Wednesday because it’s…
  3. Kirkland Farmers Market – Here you will find the best of the best local goodies, made with love here in Washington State! I can’t guarantee everything will be the mossy green that is the PNW, but there will be fresh fruits (Yakima cherries, anyone?) vegetables, and arts and crafts. The best part about this Farmer Market is that you get to talk to the people who directly work with their product, this very well could be the most engaging conversation you will have had all day. The people are kind, know their product and their story well, they are there to talk past a sale and see how you are doing. Now if that didn’t convince you, local musicians can often be found spreading music, love and joy to all those present. Enjoy the sunshine and the fun and casual atmosphere that happens every Wednesday from 2 to 7 PM. But don’t just stop here, after enjoying the WA State local gems, walk over to…
  4. Park Lane – If you thought cute little alleyways were just reserved for Seattle you are sorely mistaken. With brand new renovations just completed, Park Lane is the type of street you had in your hometown. Once you cross the street from Marina Park and take two lefts, you may hear the echo of Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –/I took the one less traveled by,/And that has made all the difference.” And please, bring your family and friends to experience this lane, with art galleries on the left hand side, a toy store of the right hand side, and restaurants lining both sides – there truly is something for the whole family. And did I mention there is a gelato store by the name of Sirena that I am certain would even make Italy proud. As you go further down the lane, there are fun little boutiques with beautiful like trinkets – from candles, journals, blankets and fun little gifts – it is what makes Kirkland so special. But please don’t go yet…I challenge you to…
  5. Find the Cow – Nothing is fun unless there is a scavenger hunt. Like Pike Place Market’s statues of pigs, we have a cow except with something on top of the cow. Now I am not going to give it away. I want you and whoever may be with you to go and find it. Remember, if you have followed the directions correctly, you should be fairly warm. Maybe I shared too much but once you find it, because I know you will, take a picture of it – but better to have a picture with you (intelligent person!) with it! And if you have social media, post it with the hashtag #IFoundCowOfKirkland so we can share it with all of our followers!

Now doesn’t that sound exciting?! From all of us here at the Woodmark, we wish you good luck and as always, please visit the front desk if you need more ideas of all the fun things to do in Downtown Kirkland, it’s only a little over a mile walk from the front doors of the hotel! Come back next Tuesday for the top 5 Summer Activities to do in Bellevue…

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Top Five Summer Activites at the Woodmark

In the Heart of Summer

Whether you are a local, tourist or a  visitor, we have heard from many, “Look at this weather! And who says the Pacific Northwest only has rain?!” To update you all, our summer has been out of this world, with weather in the mid to high 90’s, but most of the days we hold a comfortable 70 degrees – truly incredible. And since we are in the heart, mind you heat, of summer I thought it would be best to share the top 5 things to enjoy while here at the Woodmark…

With a 24 hour staffed front desk, our doors are always open, there is always something going on – especially in the summertime. To begin, we are the only hotel on Lake Washington, making it the absolute perfect destination to see and experience the water and don’t even get me started on the sunsets!

Here are the top five of things you should do while here:

  1. Sit in the Lobby at Sunset – I can comfortably say that there is an incredible sunset nearly every single night. I always encourage guests to come down to the lobby at sunset and sit at the chairs right in front of our enormous window. The key about this activity is to make sure to look away from the window. If you choose to sit in those chairs, turn around and look at our walls. It seems silly but the walls glow! The way the shine sets, releases this gorgeous glow to our walls. It’s double the fun and the hidden gem about the lobby.
  2. Happy Hour at the Living Room Bar – With newly released hours, the Living Room Bar and Lounge opens every single day at 12 PM and stays open until close. Bar seating, a fireplace, and an outdoor patio the Living Room Bar is perfect for a handmade cocktail by bartender Aziz, a nice happy hour selection and an intimate setting to feel close to your party or close to the water.
  3. Bring the dogs and join Yappier Hour – We love Happy Hours here at the Woodmark and we also love our black lab, Woody Meg. Happening on the third Wednesday of each month through September outside on our North Lawn, it is the event for dogs and humans alike. Homemade dog treats are complimentary courtesy of Dorothy from Dining Dog and a wonderful selection of Happy Hour treats served by Beach Café. Find out more information here:  
  4. Indulge at Still Spa – We know how nice it is outside, but we also know the importance of feeling good on the inside. Still Spa has just released a brand new spa menu customized to you and your needs. We encourage you to stop in and speak with our spa concierge about our new products: Jindilly, Body Bliss, Intraceuticals and so much more. We have our expert therapists on standby for you.
  5. Play at Woodmark Waterfront Adventures –As much as we love looking at the water, Waterfront Adventures gives you the opportunity to elevate your experience and dive on into Lake Washington! There are many options to interact with the water from renting kayaks and paddleboards to jet-skis and boats. Find out more information here:

This is our top five for the heat of summer! We have an extensive list, all you need to do is swing by the front desk and talk with us. Depending on your wants and desires we can narrow down options so you can make an easy and flawless decision. We are here for your every need! Check back on Thursday for our top 5 activities to do in downtown Kirkland.

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