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Shake the Shivers and Save Your Skin with Still Spa at the Woodmark in Kirkland

As the days of winter continue to be chilly and give us the shivers, our skin is also taking a hit. As we warm up, our skin dries out causing a general tight and dry feeling, even leading to cracking. Nobody likes that feeling! At Still Spa in Kirkland, we have some ways to help replenish your dry skin and some things you can try at home before you see us. Keep reading to learn more about protecting your skin as we go through the cold holiday season. 

In order to protect your skin, you must first understand it. Seek a specialist that understands the best actions to revive and then protect your skin. Our team of therapists at Still Spa in Kirkland are ready to give you advice on the right things to do through a skin consultation. Their goal is to make you happy and healthy so they will always keep your best interest in mind.

We all try to moisturize in the spring and summer when the heat inevitably dries out our skin, but we should also consider doing the same in the winter time. Use oil based moisturizers to create a protective layer over the skin to keep it from drying out as you go from outside cold to inside heat. Make sure to be careful with the oils that you use on your face so you don't clog your pores. Avocado or mineral based moisturizers will help declog your pores and protect your face as well. Staying hydrated is also key in helping revuvenate the skin. Your skin actually becomes like what you consume so make sure your diet reflects what you would want your skin to be. Make sure to exfoliate regularly to clear old skin but always follow up with moisturizer to protect the new skin.

The last tip we have to protect your skin is for those of you in the snow. We have not seen any snow in the Kirkland area yet, but there are precautions to take when it starts falling. Use sunscreen, yes use sunscreen in the winter. The snow glare from the sun can actually burn you just as easily as the sun in the summertime. If you are planning on skiing or snowboarding, this is an easy way to make sure any exposed skin is still protected!

Still Spa in Kirkland is committed to making sure your skin is rejuvenated after every visit with us. But when you aren't able to make it to us, we want to make sure you know what you can do to keep your glowing skin. Truly healthy skin doesn't just come from what you put on it but what you are doing to work within the skin you're in!

Want to learn more about how you can start rejuvenating your skin? Call 425.803.9000 or visit to book your appointment today!   

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The Family's Coming, What's There to Do? Try the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland

Only 17 days until Christmas and 23 until New Year's Day! For many of us that means not only is Santa coming to town, but so is the family! Many of our employees host their families in Kirkland or leave back to where they're from. This makes for a great time of laughter and memories made during the holiday season. But it also means that you need help entertaining your family members who may be here for a couple days or maybe even weeks depending on how much time they take off. The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland has you covered this holiday season to explore the property and the prime spots in Kirkland to get the full holiday experience at our destination. 

Holiday cooking is a production, whether it's a nice honey baked ham, maybe some more turkey, or something else completely. With all the focus on the big meal who wants to have to worry about the ones before and after? Beach Cafe has a menu that covers flavors from inland to the sea with something everyone will love. Even in the winter a trip to the Beach makes for a perfect holiday experience.

Check out Beach Cafe's holiday menus for Christmas Eve and Day here.

The dining experience doesn't end there... bin on the lake restaurant takes a comfortable, elegant atmosphere with local flavors overlooking Lake Washington as the backdrop. For a total dining experience, bring your relatives here for a time they will always remember.

For bin on the lake's holiday menus for Christmas Eve and Day, click here.

The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland loves to show their holiday spirit in a couple of ways as well. Starting December 11th, come explore our annual gingerbread village built by the local Carillon businesses and this year also by our departments in the hotel. This village will be throughout the lobby allowing you to get up close and personal with the creations. Make sure to vote for your favorite so they win bragging rights and a reception at Beach Cafe!

Need an excuse to come down to Kirkland? Try December 22nd for our Annual Christmas Ships Celebration with Carillon Properties and Argosy Cruises. From 5:30 pm to 7 pm come enjoy activities, carolers, hot drinks, a holiday movie, and pictures with Santa as we get ready for the Christmas Ships to perform. At 7 pm, congregate on Lake Washington as the Ships pushes out in the water shining bright lights and playing holiday tunes. Take it a step further and take a ride on the Woodmark II with Captain Rob to enjoy all of the boats out on Lake Washington.

The holidays are a great time in Kirkland, the tree in downtown was officially lit counting down the days until Christmas. Lights strung along the road and decorations galore make Kirkland a beautiful spot to be at this time. We hope to share some part of the season with you soon!

Visit or call 425.822.3700 for any more information about the holiday season at the Woodmark in Kirkland.   

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Got Leftovers? Try these Post Thanksgiving Tips from the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland

We hope you all had a great holiday weekend full of laughter, family, and lots of good eating! Our team at Beach Cafe and bin on the lake hosted many families for the big meal and were glad to be a part of their holiday experience. The community of Kirkland is one where holiday cheer is felt in every smile and greeting from each customer that enters our doors. 

If you're like most of us, there is almost always leftovers from your big Thanksgiving meal. Nobody wants to let those go to waste! We have the solution for you. Keep reading for some great ideas for post-Thanksgiving recipes from the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. 

Turkey is a meat that is high in protein which none of us seem to get enough of. Women should be aiming for about 46 grams a day while men should be getting about 56 grams a day. This is a great excuse to put your turkey in a salad with your favorite dressing. Stay light on the dressing to keep your dish low in fat and to not counter balance the health benefits in the meal.

Another idea for your post-Thanksgiving meal is the cliche Turkey sandwich but not just any ordinary turkey sandwich. Try using a hoagie instead of your regular loaf of bread and try adding some peppers and other add ons for bold flavor. If you are not into spicy food, just some regular condiments can make this sandwich taste much better that usual.

There are many other ways to use your leftovers from Thanksgiving. If you have sides try mixing them together for a nice bowl of Thanksgiving. Or just recreate the meal on a plate if you haven't had enough.

If you're out of leftovers and tired of cooking, we've got you covered in Kirkland for two types of dining both with delicious flavors for the whole family.

Want us to take care of dinner tonight? Visit or for reservations at Beach Cafe or bin on the lake restaurants in downtown Kirkland. Both offer a lakeside views with flavors inspired by Beaches around the World in the Beach Cafe and lakeside local flavors at bin on the lake.

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Tastes of the Holidays: A Recipe for a Holiday Cocktail from Beach Cafe Kirklandphoto

There are many tastes of the holidays that we all enjoy. Our team at Beach Café and the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland love coming up with holiday cocktails for every preference. Whether it's simply hot cocoa with a twist or an Apple Pie Margarita, we want to satisfy every holiday craving creatively with a special cocktail. Keep reading for an exclusive recipe we would like to share with you to try this season at home.

Hot Todday

Peppermint Hot Todday

We would like to share our Peppermint Hot Todday recipe for you to try starting this Thanksgiving but to continue on throughout the holiday season. It is a great drink to have with dessert and can be complimented well with a lemon or a candy cane depending on what you prefer. The name for this drink is common but a lot of our team finds to resemble the name of another one of our Restaurant Managers, Todd.

The recipe for a Hot Todday is:

  • 1 and ½ oz Rumplemintz
  • 1 oz 12 Vodka
  • Fill with hot water
  • Add a candy cane or lemon for good measure and to complete the flavor

Try this recipe out and see how it tastes. Then come down and have one from our bartenders to see how it stacks up. The holidays are a great time to try new recipes so we encourage you to give it a shot.

Planning on visiting us soon? Call Beach Cafe at 425.889.0303 to make a reservation or visit us online at

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The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland Gives Thanks this Season

Now that Thanksgiving is just a little more than a week away, our team would like to share what we are thankful for this holiday season in Kirkland. We encourage you to take a minute and think about what you are thankful for and share that with the ones that matter most. It is too easy to get caught up in the rush of the holidays and forget about the real reason for the season. Keep reading to see what we are thankful for this season and feel free to share with us what you are thankful for too.

First off, we are thankful for the community of Kirkland, WA that we have been a part of for over 25 years now. The support from the community in a multitude of ways is so important to us as many of our team members are locals to the area. We host locals from Kirkland every day in our restaurants, spa, and hotel and they are the people that keep coming back. We love it when guests know us by name and we know them. We love hearing no matter how many times they stay with us, the experience always gets better!

Next, we are thankful our beautiful location on Lake Washington. Day after day the views still amaze us and the atmosphere the lake provides is unbeatable. Our teams at bin on the lake and Beach Café love sharing the view with every customer and letting them experience the feeling of a lakeside retreat. They are excited to share Thanksgiving day with many families who will be eating their holiday meal with us. The beauty of Kirkland is something that inspires us to be our best everyday because we are providing something that is truly unique and special.

Lastly, we are thankful for every member of our Woodmark Hotel Kirkland team. No matter what role they play, every member strives to be the best they can and to make the Woodmark experience what it is. Our diverse team brings forward their skill sets for the good of everyone and that is why we love to come to work everyday. Thanks to our team for who you all are!

We would love to hear what you are thankful for. Every guest is considered a part of our family so we always want to be included in that however we can!

Coming to visit Kirkland to give thanks this season? Call Reservations at 888-978-7261 to book your stay today!

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How to Make This Holiday Season Truly Happy in Kirkland

The holidays are about joy, celebration, and spending time with the ones we love but the pressure to make this happen can become overwhelmingly stressful. Traveling and shopping are just a few of the tasks that can seem daunting when it comes to the holidays. Keep reading this blog for ways to plan your holiday season to be truly happy in Kirkland or wherver you choose to celebrate this year.

The biggest stress when it comes to the holidays has got to be traveling. Many of us make a trek all over the world to visit our families for this special season. But because we are all doing the same thing, lines are crazy long, planes are delayed, and the list can go on. Plan ahead for your holiday travel, look at purchasing your tickets early in shoulder season when the prices are more reasonable. Last minute flights are always expensive and always full. Don't plan too far ahead because sometimes you may find deals that come up closer to your travel date. Planning your accomodations can make your travel easier as well. At the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, we have many families stay with us, so after a long day with relatives, they can return for some peace and relaxation.

Shopping can be a hassle when you have to travel for the holidays. You don't want to buy all of your presents and then have to take them all on a plane. There are a couple of things that can help make this easier. Set aside room in your suitcase to pack the items unwrapped and do your wrapping when you arrive at your destination. Also, the place you are visiting most likely has shopping nearby so you can save some of your shopping while you are there. In Kirkland, The Woodmark Hotel is 5 minutes away from the Bellevue Collection in downtown Bellevue. They have over a hundred retail shops and stores where you can shop for everyone on your list. We want to make that experience less stressful so we valet our guests with our SUV transportation to the Bellevue Collection. The Woodmark also offers shopping packages for special VIP discounts to those stores in the Bellevue Collection so you can better deals. Some guests even like to relax after a long day of shopping in Bellevue with a treatment at our Still Spa or dinner at our bin on the lake restaurant. We have many ways to make your shopping experience VIP at the Woodmark.

Lastly, remember that the holidays are about you and the people around you. Focus on the quality time and not all of the outside distractions. Relax and make your holiday season special.

Visiting Kirkland for the holidays? Check out our special holiday packages at or call Reservations at 888-991-0953.

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