Proud to be Local...

At the Woodmark, we are proud to be local. We are a favorite gathering spot for those that live in the area, and we support the community in a variety of ways - from hosting the Kirkland Chamber and Kirkland Rotary meetings, to doing community service projects in and around the greater Puget Sound, to featuring local products in our spa and our restaurants.

We are so fortunate in the Seattle area to have an abundance of quality ingredients that contribute to nutritious, sustainable, and delicious dishes. We are thankful for the purveyors that focus on crafting these products. Each individual flavor is a part of the whole, and all are important in delivering an authentic, Pacific Northwest flavor to our guests, and providing a taste of home to our locals as well.

The Woodmark is 27 years young, so many of these partnerships are long-standing. We are proud to support the following business in Beach Cafe. We will announce our bin on the lake partners in the weeks to come, as we finalize our summer menu. 

Dillanos Coffee - Seattle, WA

Image: Dillanos

Dillanos sources the best coffee beans from around the globe and meticulously roasts them to their full potential. Dillanos has also created an internal culture that values fun, creativity, and integrity. As they near their 20th anniversary, they're proud to say that they still live by these same values every day.

 Barnes & Watson Teas - Seattle

Barnes & Watson expertly blends fresh, high quality loose leaf teas. From Rooibos to Oolong, and award winning Iced Tea blends plus everything in between, they create excellent aromas and flavors with their thoughtful expertise. 

 Image: Barnes & Watson

Pacific Seafood - Seattle

For more than 70 years, Pacific Sustainable Seafood has distributed the highest-quality and best tasting seafood to their loyal consumers. They have a focus on sustainability, serving the oceans through a continuous commitment to sustainable fishing practices. Not only does this help protect the longevity of our oceans and the important ecological balance within them, and they can continue to serve great tasting seafood for generations to come.

 Macrina Bakery - Seattle

According to founder and Chef Leslie Mackie, Macrina is based on the model of the traditional old-world village bakery; the bread has unique characteristics because of the use of available regional ingredients. The rustic European breads and baked goods from Macrina use as many indigenous products as possible as well as organic grains and natural ingredients. The philosophy of the bakery is to enhance both the natural products and the flavor of the various grains. The baked goods are created from Northwest apples, potatoes, cranberries and hazelnuts, as well as wheat, rye, barley and buckwheat flour. Macrina Casera, the house bread, was developed to be eaten at any meal, complementing all foods.

The bakers at Macrina love bread and that shows in the quality. This is bread that celebrates the tradition of breaking bread with family and friends.

Image: Macrina

Uli's Famous Sausage - Seattle

Uli’s Famous Sausage, owned and operated by German Master Butcher Uli Lengenberg, first opened its doors in Pike Place Market in May 2000. Uli’s Famous Sausage is made daily from the best cuts of meat, using special spices, and, most importantly, with love for their craft and customers. Uli’s Famous Sausage is all natural, has no fillers. Their sourcing methods support small scale farmers committed to responsible, sustainable stewardship of our planet and humane raising and handling of livestock. All of their production takes places in-house, providing consistent, delicious results.

Beecher's Cheese - Seattle

Flavor and purity go hand in hand at Beecher's. Customers watching the time-tested craft of cheesemaking can see firsthand that Beecher's cheeses are made with care and a commitment to purity. All products are free of bovine growth hormones, hydrogenated oils, nitrates and polysorbate. The Beecher's credo says it best:

"Beecher’s Handmade Cheese makes foods only with ingredients we trust, are proud of, and would eat ourselves. It’s just authentic and original food, full of flavor."

The artisan cheeses they sell, and the meats, vegetables and other foods we use to make Beecher's café and restaurant items, are chosen with care and a desire to support broadly local, small-scale enterprises who share their philosophy and commitment to pure food.

Image: Beecher's

Tillamook Cheese - Tillamook, Oregon

Tillamook is an award-winning, farmer-owned, dairy co-op, with over 100 years of cheesemaking experience. Their co-op is made up of nearly 100 farmer families, most of who have been farming in Tillamook for multiple generations. From cheese, to yogurt, to sour cream, to butter, to ice cream, they are committed to providing the best tasting dairy products made in the most natural way.

Snake River Farms - Boise, Idaho

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are part of Agri Beef Co., a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality beef and pork in the United States. Snake River Farms works in the bountiful Pacific Northwest with the most reputable ranchers using the best practices to make certain our cattle are well cared for. This attention to detail translates to steaks and roasts that are always juicy and tender. 

 Image: Snake River Farms

Dairigold - Seattle

Dairgold is farmer-owned, producing quality milk, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream and yogurt. For these farmers, it's a matter of personal pride. They also care about their cows and what's best for them. And if it's not a good decision for the cows, it's not right by their farmers. As a farmer-owned company, they also strive to follow sustainable practices. By being stewards of our land, air and water, they're working to ensure that future generations can follow in the Darigold tradition.

Cucina Fresca - Seattle

Cucina Fresca Gourmet Foods began making handcrafted pastas in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market more than 30 years ago. Inspired by fresh, high quality ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes, first cold press extra virgin olive oil, premium cheeses and fresh picked basil, a gourmet line of prepared foods was born to a cult-like following of foodies, families and friends.

Chef-owned and operated, Cucina Fresca remains true to its roots, guided by a philosophy of “product over profit.” Chef Glaberson leads a “taste-driven” company, creating superior quality offerings made in small batches from the freshest, highest quality ingredients. The company is dedicated to sourcing local ingredients and adopting sustainable practices whenever possible. Everything Cucina Fresca creates is handcrafted in the company’s own 12,000 square foot culinary facility in Seattle to ensure delicious perfection every step of the way.

Image: Cucina Fresca

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