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Recharge Within Discovery: Art, Wine, and Relaxation in Kirklandphoto

The holidays seemed to have passed just as quickly as they had arrived. That time meant to stop and recharge never seems long enough. No wonder so many people take a "second" holiday break to get that full revitalization they need. At the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, Still Spa is the immediate choice for a wellness treatment to get the job done, but Kirkland offers many other opportunities to charge your batteries on your next Kirkland vacation. 

Lake Washington's Lull...

The lapping of Lake Washington on the shores itself is a relaxing sight and sound but it offers much more. A walk along the docks to let the mind wander and relax is a perfect start to your relaxation. Our Woodmark Waterfront Adventures team can take your relaxation out on the water too, literally. A kayak or stand up paddle board ride along the calm morning waters immerses you in serenity while letting you discover the area. You can even take it to the extreme with stand up paddleboard yoga!

Kirkland Paddle Boards

Stand up paddleboarding in Kirkland on Lake Washington.

Local Artists with Palettes or with Pairings...

Kirkland is full of local artists that express themselves with the palette or with wine and cuisine. We invite you to get lost in the local Kirkland art that is displayed throughout the Woodmark Hotel and just let yourself be in awe. Every quarter the art is rotated out to show off what's new so you can always come back for more. If you are an avid artist or just one at heart, ask about Paint Your World and the opportunity to create your own post card masterpiece and send it to someone special. If you need a bigger canvas, join our Paint and Sip events where you can create a full painting in a fun, social, and relaxed atmosphere. The best part about these events is their pairing with wine and appetizers, it makes for fun evening!

Kirkland Art in Action at the Woodmark Hotel 

Local Art in Action in Kirkland at the Woodmark Hotel

Speaking of wine and cuisine... these can be artworks in their own ways. Head to bin on the lake and experience the wine bar with over 40 wines to choose from. Many of these are made locally just miles away. Share a toast with someone special or just kick back at the bar for a moment to yourself. Don't forget to take a look out the window to once again experience the Lake Washington lull and beauty. The art continues with bin on the lake's menu of dishes that every server can skillfully pair with your wine to make the best of the flavors. If that isn't art...we don't know what is.

 bin on the lake Kirkland

bin on the lake Kirkland wine bar and restaurant

Take a moment to Be Still...

Lastly, Still Spa at the the Woodmark provides the perfect space to take some time away and be still. Our array of treatments can help you recharge now but our team will also give you tips for how to continue your wellness into the future. Their goal is to educate so every guest can live better and be still more. Discover a level of relaxation you never knew.

Still Spa in Kirkland

Still Spa at the Woodmark in Kirkland


Need to recharge and discover? Call Reservations at 888-978-7261 to learn more about how your next Kirkland vacation can help!

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A New Year, A New You: Make Your Resolutions Happen with Still Spa in Kirkland

How many times do we see the social media posts about making a New Year's resolution and two weeks later they have forgotten about it? At Still Spa in Kirkland, we encourage you to be different and take your resolutions through the whole year with you. Whether it is relaxation, wellness, weight loss, or breaking a habit here are some simple ways to make a resolution and stick to it. 

Make the changes to your behavior...

Until you change your routine and actually start doing something, nothing will happen. If your goal is to lose weight, don't just sign up for a gym membership; sign up for the membership, schedule workout time, and set your alarm to wake up and actually work out. If your resolution is to be less stressed and take some time for yourself; schedule some time out for something you enjoy and do it on a consistent basis. Our Still Spa guests that use a treatment for that time, find that they receive the full effects if they consistently return to do it. This could be a facial series protecting their skin from the Kirkland cold or a massage that takes them to a relaxing escape.

Define SMART Goals...

Make sure the goals you set are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-specific. Instead of leaving it vague like "I will be less stressed..." make a goal statement like "I will take one hour a week to engage in a destressing activity of my choice by 1/5/2015." Make sure it is something that you want to achieve! Our Still Spa Kirkland team finds that guests are much more committed to their goals when they understand where they are going. Understanding why a scheduled massage each week can have long term benefits will make it much easier to continue this action.

Reward Small Achievements...

Staying focused on the goal is the best way to achieve it. Make sure you track and reward your progress to keep the effort strong. Maybe treat yourself to a small gift you've been wanting as a reminder that you are headed in the right direction and you can achieve your goals! We carry a diverse array of retail items at Still Spa in Kirkland just for this purpose. Whether it is a scented VOLUSPA candle or COOLA Suncare Sunscreen, little gifts like this can be the motivation to achieve your resolution this year!

Is your resolution to relax? We can help! Call our Kirkland Still Spa Concierge at 425.803.9000 or visit to get started! Our Still Spa team can help set up a plan to reach your relaxation and wellness goals this new year! 

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Shake the Shivers and Save Your Skin with Still Spa at the Woodmark in Kirkland

As the days of winter continue to be chilly and give us the shivers, our skin is also taking a hit. As we warm up, our skin dries out causing a general tight and dry feeling, even leading to cracking. Nobody likes that feeling! At Still Spa in Kirkland, we have some ways to help replenish your dry skin and some things you can try at home before you see us. Keep reading to learn more about protecting your skin as we go through the cold holiday season. 

In order to protect your skin, you must first understand it. Seek a specialist that understands the best actions to revive and then protect your skin. Our team of therapists at Still Spa in Kirkland are ready to give you advice on the right things to do through a skin consultation. Their goal is to make you happy and healthy so they will always keep your best interest in mind.

We all try to moisturize in the spring and summer when the heat inevitably dries out our skin, but we should also consider doing the same in the winter time. Use oil based moisturizers to create a protective layer over the skin to keep it from drying out as you go from outside cold to inside heat. Make sure to be careful with the oils that you use on your face so you don't clog your pores. Avocado or mineral based moisturizers will help declog your pores and protect your face as well. Staying hydrated is also key in helping revuvenate the skin. Your skin actually becomes like what you consume so make sure your diet reflects what you would want your skin to be. Make sure to exfoliate regularly to clear old skin but always follow up with moisturizer to protect the new skin.

The last tip we have to protect your skin is for those of you in the snow. We have not seen any snow in the Kirkland area yet, but there are precautions to take when it starts falling. Use sunscreen, yes use sunscreen in the winter. The snow glare from the sun can actually burn you just as easily as the sun in the summertime. If you are planning on skiing or snowboarding, this is an easy way to make sure any exposed skin is still protected!

Still Spa in Kirkland is committed to making sure your skin is rejuvenated after every visit with us. But when you aren't able to make it to us, we want to make sure you know what you can do to keep your glowing skin. Truly healthy skin doesn't just come from what you put on it but what you are doing to work within the skin you're in!

Want to learn more about how you can start rejuvenating your skin? Call 425.803.9000 or visit to book your appointment today!   

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