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Post-Holiday Detox Tips

The holidays are fast approaching! As joyous as they are, they can sometimes lead to a feeling of burn-out. Too many treats, holiday beverages, or just too much running around can lead to a serious need to start fresh in the New Year. Luckily, our team at Still Spa has a number of ways that you can eliminate toxins, refresh your spirit, and re-center yourself for 2016. To make an appointment at Still Spa, please call 425.803.9000.


  • First and foremost, hydration is key to any detox. The water is what eliminates the toxins from your system. Whether you spice the water up with some lemon and ginger, tea, or just go with plain H20, make sure you get those fluids!




  • Try a Mt. Rainier Stone Revival Massage | 60 min $160 | 90 min $190 | The deeply heated stones vaporize the essential oils, of rosemary, ginger, cypress and geranium, creating a relaxing and grounding effect, while increasing circulation and loosening your muscles and joints. Includes a back scrub with Jindilli. Ending with a gentle face massage using cool stones.




  • Make it a point to be early. Not only will this save you stress, it will allow you to rest your mind. We recommend coming to Still Spa early to spend 20 minutes in the dry hot sauna before any treatment. With relaxation & detoxification benefits, it's a win-win.




  • Prepare to be pampered with a Sugar & Shea Body Scrub | 45 min $100 | Your skin is nourished by a sugar exfoliation leaving it silky soft and then it is drenched in a deeply hydrating shea butter cream - can we just say yum? Add this on to your massage to perfectly indulge yourself.



  • Sweat it out! Just like in the sauna, pure exercise can help you remove toxins from your body. Get moving - walk, run, bike, you name it. Just make sure to drink enough water, and breathe deep.




  • Take care of yourself with a Lavender & Sage Body Wrap | 60 min $160 | 90 min $185 | A potent blend of pain-relieving arnica, relaxing lavender, healing sage and detoxifying mud is used for this deep therapeutic treatment. Your therapist will target areas of pain or tension beginning with steaming hot towels to relax the entire body. Warm detoxifying clay will be applied to key points including back, inside of arms and legs. While wrapped, receive a focused neck and shoulder massage with a concentrated arnica salve.



  • Try a digital detox. Unplug from social media, or even just your favorite TV show that's keeping you on the couch. Unwind with a book, or go outside. See if you feel a difference in your focus & your mood.


Take time to find out what works for you, and savor the moment. Allow yourself to feel a sense of renewal. Breathe...Indulge...Be Still... And have a rejuvenating start to 2016. 

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Top 5 Ways to Relax

The holiday season is upon us... It is a wonderful, joyous time for many, but it can also be stressful. Here at Still Spa at the Woodmark, we have some tips that can keep you feeling relaxed and refreshed, even in traffic or that long Starbucks line: 

1. Breathe: Inhale & exhale. Take a deep breath in to the count of ten, hold to the count of ten, and exhale to the count of ten. Ask yourself: Will this matter next year? 2016 is coming quickly. What may be a stressor now, may just be a moment that you can let pass. View this time of year as a fresh start. A chance to embrace a renewed energy and spirit, ready to take on whatever the day may offer. 

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2. Grab a cup of herbal tea. Many scientific studies say tea has stress-reducing properties. Just the slowness it creates can soothe a day. Unwind as you wait for the tea to cool, smell the aromas and think of the feelings and memories they create. Enjoy the subtle flavor and let the warmth calm your tired body.

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3. Listen to soothing music: Focus on something other than the moment. Let notes or lyrics take you away to a different time and space. Close your eyes and let go. This is especially effective if listening to a favorite song or artist. We play meditative music in the spa, but if you're looking for lyrics, Norah Jones' "Come Away With Me" album is lovely. 

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4. Take a walk outside: Even if you only have ten minutes, walking can refresh your mind. Enjoy your surroundings - look for things that interest you. Let your mind wander as you find yourself letting go of what was bothering you before. Embrace a sense of newness and discovery that can change your day.

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5. Read a book: Delve into a new story. Unwind as you learn about new characters, experiences, journeys. Make time for concious exploration and let it create space in your life. In a time that it seems so natural to be busy, let this be one of the reasons you are still. 

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