A Wellness Sanctuary

The Still Spa at the Woodmark Hotel has luxury and tranquility front and center. Its lake-inspired lobby is bright and airy and contrasts the dim and soothing lighting of the relaxation room. From the moment you slip into your plush robe and slippers, you immediately feel your anxiety subside. We sat down with spa therapist, master esthetician, massage practitioner, and nail tech Laura Bailey, for her treatment recommendations and tips for radiant skin.

What are the top three unique treatments guests can receive?


LB: “Intraceuticals Facial is an Oxygen facial and a preferred signature treatment. What I like about this facial is the technology is hyaluronic, which is a natural moisturizing factor for the skin. Specialists at Intraceuticals created three different weights of hyaluronic, including a low, medium, and high—which is the standard weight. For the treatment, we actually use an oxygen machine (oxygen concentrator). It is unique from most facials and what I love are the instant results you see tighter, firmer, plump, and hydrated skin. It’s perfect for before an event, and your skin looks even better days after. It also works great as a stand-alone treatment or combined with anything else on the menu.”

Photo Credit: Intraceuticals


LB: “A hot stone massage is a lovely treatment that is ideal for sore muscles. We use basalt stones because it has a high iron content, which holds in the heat longer. The stones are warm and soothing and then the therapist can get in and further any muscles with her hands.  My favorite aspect of hot stones massage is that we add cold marble stones on the face at the end of the treatment; people really enjoy the contrast of temperature on their skin. We also include a back scrub with the hot stones, so it’s essentially like a mini body treatment along with a massage.”


LB: “Our luxury manicure/pedicure is great option for pampering, with the added luxury of an extended foot massage with paraffin. For the foot scrub, we like to use sugar because it is gentler on the skin; it is a high-quality sugar scrub with beautiful aromas. We finish the service with a moisturizer and polish from any of our colors that we have available from a lacquer to gel finish.”

Skincare at Home:

LB: “When you look at your skin care regimen as a whole, 80% of what your skin looks like is what you are doing at home, and 20% is what we are doing in a treatment room. With each service at the Still Spa, we recommend a custom routine targeted to your specific skin type.  Clients love this because they are able to maintain a healthy and rejuvenated glow.”

“Something that I would recommend for everyone to use is sunscreen.” The importance of using sunscreen only increases when you are using products with retinol (vitamin A). Retinol makes your skin more vulnerable to the sun’s rays, and excess sun can lead to skin cancer and other damaging skin effects.

Bring the Spa Home:

Aromatherapy isn’t a just a recent trend, but has actually been practiced for centuries. Different scents have been known to reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve mood and wellness. Many are achieving serenity with oils and candles.

LB: “Available at the Still Spa is Beauty of Hope, a local soy based candle maker. In addition to the rejuvenating scents from Grapefruit and Vanilla to Jasmine and Lavender, I love that a part of the proceeds goes towards preventing human trafficking. It’s inspiring to support a mission that is such a serious global issue while also really dear to our hearts. They donate 10% of their revenue to the cause.”

Photo Credit: Beauty of Hope

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