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Woody Meg’s Thank You to Pet Friendly Guests near Seattle

Now that our last Yappier Hour has closed, I want to give a special thank you to all of our pet friendly guests who came to the Woodmark near Seattle. Each of these events has brought some of my old furry friends as well as new making each so special. Keep reading for my thank you to everyone who was a part of the Yappier Hour in some way this summer.

My first thank you goes to every dog and their owner that came to one of these events to support. I want as many doggies to enjoy this event and see why the Woodmark is such a pet friendly hotel near Seattle. To my old friends who have been coming since the beginning, thank you for continuing our relationship and spending time with me. To the new friends I have met, I hope you will continue coming by with your families to the Woodmark for all of our future Seattle pet friendly events.

Next, I would like to thank the team at Beach Cafe for helping put together and make sure each Yappier Hour ran smoothly. The wonderful wait staff were a pleasure to have serving food and drinks making sure all of our guests weren’t thirsty or hungry (dogs or humans). The human food they had smelled so good, I wish I could have had some but I could tell they were enjoying it each time.

Lastly, I want to thank the special guests we had at each of the Yappier Hours. Thanks to Dorothy from the Dining Dog who served all of my friends with a smile. She made the event fun and was a joy to work with. Thanks to Annheuser Busch for coming out and doing some fun raffles with lots of great drinks. All of our human guests enjoyed what you guys had to offer. Thank you to Tina with Boo Boo Barkery and Boutique who gave away a gift card at our last Yappier Hour and also did nail trims for us. I tell you, I would do that myself but it is not easy!

Stay tuned for many more pet friendly events near Seattle. I am working diligently to continue these types of events all year round. Click the link below for a reminder for how to make the best experience when visiting the pet friendly Woodmark Hotel near Seattle with your furry friend.

Are you and your furry friends coming soon to stay with us? Call Woodmark Reservations at 888-466-7559 to plan your stay.

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Football Season Starts This Week and the Woodmark Hotel near Seattle is a Special Kind of Fan

The Seahawks kick off their season this week and throughout the preseason we see Blue Friday represented by Seattle and its surrounding communities like Kirkland. Being so near to Seattle makes it so the Woodmark Hotel has diehard fans among the staff and guests staying with us as well. But there is another reason why the Woodmark has a special connection with the Seattle Seahawks. Their headquarters used to be here in Carillon Point!

The first ten seasons of Seahawks were centered right in the beautiful community of Kirkland only 15 minutes from Seattle. Their training camp was held in Cheney near Spokane at Eastern Washington University. They then opened new headquarters also in Kirkland right adjacent to Northwest College at the time, now Northwest University, and the players would actually stay in the dormitories. Their training facility was brought nearby as well and was completed in 2008 in Renton also right on Lake Washington.

So why does this matter for the Woodmark? We support our community and all the local teams 100 percent. Our Beach Café restaurant and Living Room bar have multiple televisions where we can stream the local games each day during all meals and Happy Hours. Being so close to Seattle, The Woodmark also has many great amenities and opportunities for fans to stay with us and enjoy the game as well. Football season is a busy time for us as we also have our Husky Cruise Boat Rides during the college season for University of Washington games. Avoid 520 traffic and ride comfortably across Lake Washington right to Husky stadium to enjoy the game and ride back afterwards.

We are all fans in some capacity, whether only watching on TV, being at every game, or wearing our local team gear. The Woodmark Hotel is near Seattle to make it a great spot to be a fan. We encourage you to share your fan experiences with us at the restaurants, on the water, or at the games!

Want more information on our Husky Cruises? Click here

Planning your next game day and need a place to stay? Call Reservations 888.466.7559.   

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On the Road Again? Stay Fit and Healthy with Tips from the Woodmark Hotel Near Seattle

Many of us find ourselves on the road week after week for business travel. This takes away from any time we have to go to a gym or even go out on a run. Changes in weather, climate, elevation, etc. can all be reasons or excuses for why your health and fitness is left behind. When you’re near Seattle though, we at the Woodmark have multiple offerings for you take your health and fitness to the next level. But if you don’t have time for that, keep reading for some other tips you can do in minutes as well.

The first thing to making sure your fitness endeavors will be successful is setting solid and firm goals that you want to achieve. These can be lose weight, gain muscle, increase endurance, etc. but it is best to include concrete numbers when setting these goals. For example, instead of just I want to lose weight, state it as an action item: I will lose 5 pounds this month. Write this out and sign it as a commitment to yourself that you will stay true to your goal, no excuses!

Now that you have eliminated excuses from your vocabulary, here are some ways to conquer your next business trip with fitness and health:

  • Bring along resistance bands or jump ropes- These are both great ways to get some strength training and cardio in each day. They are also really easy to pack into a suitcase without taking up much room.
  • If you’re near the water…use it- If where you’re staying has some sort of water near it or in it, use that as a way to get some exercise and have some fun. If you’re on business travel near Seattle, the Woodmark Hotel is right on Lake Washington with offerings from Woodmark Waterfront Adventures of paddleboarding and kayaking as great ways to exercise.
  • Walk and run around- Use this as an opportunity to check out the surrounding area you are staying in. On Carillon Point near Seattle, we have boardwalks and docks along the water for you to walk or run on while enjoying the beautiful views it provides.
  • Use facilities if provided by your hotel- Many hotels and resorts will provide some sort of fitness center for complimentary use while on your stay. Take advantage of this as much as possible. At the Woodmark Hotel near Seattle, we have a fitness center with equipment for use as well as our neighbors at Fly Fitness who provide our guests with fun and creative fitness class options for all fitness goals.

These are all great ways to stay fit while on business travel near Seattle or anywhere else you may be going. We also want to make sure you keep yourself healthy while on business travel as well. At the Still Spa, we believe a still mind creates a happy body and we want to exude that for everyone that comes in. We have treatments of all kinds to make sure you stay relaxed and healthy. Check out our latest menu changes that we updated with you in mind; giving you the up to date most relevant treatments with a customized feel is what focused on.

Heading towards Seattle for business travel? Call Reservations at 888.466.7559 today!

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Sweet Dreams: Sleeping Successfully while on Business Travel in Seattle

There are a lot of things on your mind when traveling for business. Closing the deal, hitting the quota, and nailing that regional meeting are all things we want to accomplish when traveling for business. This causes a lot of stressors that a lot of the time won’t turn off when it is time to recharge. Many times we find ourselves not getting a good night sleep when we need it most and it can impact our performance in business. At the Woodmark Hotel, our main priority is to always give our guests an atmosphere to recharge when on business travel in the Seattle area. Keep reading for some tips we have to make your next business trip successful.

The Stress Management Society mentions that when you feel stressed it puts your body in fight or flight mode which produces cortisol and adrenaline that makes it harder to relax or sleep. In a business travel situation, these are constantly running throughout the day making it much harder to fall asleep at night when you finally need to stop and recharge. They say the best way to cope with this stress is light exercise and fresh air.

At the Woodmark, we provide quality meeting spaces with lots of windows and patio space to give our guests an opportunity to do business near Seattle, but relax at the same time.  For our guests looking to exercise we also have two facilities where they can go to wind down after their business in Seattle is taken care of. Fly Fitness gives our guests access to classes inside and outside to get up and get moving. We also have a Fitness Center available to guests that lets them workout how they want while on business travel in Seattle.

Sleep is a big part of successful business travel and if you don’t sleep well, you don’t do business well. WebMD mentions a recent study that showed business travelers that lost a few hours of sleep either because of time zones or other reasons saw their performance dramatically impacted. They said any sleep period less than six hours significantly will impact performance.

When our guests are on business travel near Seattle, we don’t want this to happen so we have made the proper changes to help. We added one of the highest rated sleep experiences in the hospitality industry to all of our guest rooms and suites recently, the Simmons Beauty Rest Napa Black Label Pillow Top Mattress. This mattress uses true encasement and cooling technology to allow guests to enjoy a deeper, undisturbed sleep through the night. We are moving forward to show why all of our business travelers in the Seattle area should stay with us.

Traveling to the Seattle area for business soon? Call Reservations today at 888-466-7559 to make sure your next business trip is a success.

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Your Next Memory Isn’t Far: Staycation or Vacation

Vacations can be across the country or in your own home. Making memories is what makes the trip special. You choose what you want to do and no one can tell you anything else. At the Woodmark Hotel, we let you build that next vacation near Kirkland with the Make Your Memory package. Pick what you want and leave out what you don’t. Wondering how to cherish that next memory forever? Keep reading for some tips on how to do so.

Use these ideas below as family activities to continue to remember your vacations way beyond your return. We try to do this for all of our guests who vacation near Kirkland.

Tip 1: Make a memory book for your vacations

  • Make your backgrounds out of maps to showcase where exactly you were
  • Include photos you could only get on your trip: show off special landmarks, experiences, or just a great time you could only have on vacation
  • Take some mementos from your trip and cut them out as decorations and great ways to see where you went on vacation: If you vacation near Kirkland, take a piece from each of our outlets to make sure you visit them all.

Tip 2: Make a vacation memory box

  • This can be as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be, the goal is to add to it as you are on vacation. Got a cool item at the gift shop? Put it in. Your hotel had a really cool pen in the room? Throw it in to remember.
  • Many times the front desk may have an extra box you can use instead of having to worry about bringing one from home. Maybe even go purchase a box as your first memory piece on vacation. If you’re on vacation in Kirkland, there are many boutique shops with all sorts of cool items to include in your memory box.

Tip 3: Make a vacation journal

  • Have everyone in your family contribute to this journal, so you can read back on everyone’s experiences during that vacation. Most likely everyone will have their own favorite part.
  • Try to have everyone write at least once a day and then share it with each other at the end of the day. This is a great way to get quality family time in the midst of a busy vacation.
  • After your vacation, make sure to go back and remind your family of all the fun they had together. This can be really beneficial in the middle of our busy lives.

There are many more ways to remember a vacation so make one your own. Don’t have a vacation or memory to make coming up? You will sincerely appreciate the Make Your Memory package at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. We give you the options to add on what you like and leave off what you don’t need. What better way to create a memory than building it yourself?

The package includes:

  • Breakfast at the Beach Café
  • Complimentary valet parking

Our renovated sleep experience makes your stay even better. We offer Napa black pillow top mattresses to help you recharge and wake up refreshed to enjoy the next day of your vacation in Kirkland.

To customize your Kirkland stay, add on:

Valid through and must stay by October 31st, 2014. May not be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Not applicable to groups. Other restrictions may apply.

Interested in making your next memory with us in Kirkland? Visit

Use promo code: MYM

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