Top Five Summer Activites at the Woodmark

In the Heart of Summer

Whether you are a local, tourist or a  visitor, we have heard from many, “Look at this weather! And who says the Pacific Northwest only has rain?!” To update you all, our summer has been out of this world, with weather in the mid to high 90’s, but most of the days we hold a comfortable 70 degrees – truly incredible. And since we are in the heart, mind you heat, of summer I thought it would be best to share the top 5 things to enjoy while here at the Woodmark…

With a 24 hour staffed front desk, our doors are always open, there is always something going on – especially in the summertime. To begin, we are the only hotel on Lake Washington, making it the absolute perfect destination to see and experience the water and don’t even get me started on the sunsets!

Here are the top five of things you should do while here:

  1. Sit in the Lobby at Sunset – I can comfortably say that there is an incredible sunset nearly every single night. I always encourage guests to come down to the lobby at sunset and sit at the chairs right in front of our enormous window. The key about this activity is to make sure to look away from the window. If you choose to sit in those chairs, turn around and look at our walls. It seems silly but the walls glow! The way the shine sets, releases this gorgeous glow to our walls. It’s double the fun and the hidden gem about the lobby.
  2. Happy Hour at the Living Room Bar – With newly released hours, the Living Room Bar and Lounge opens every single day at 12 PM and stays open until close. Bar seating, a fireplace, and an outdoor patio the Living Room Bar is perfect for a handmade cocktail by bartender Aziz, a nice happy hour selection and an intimate setting to feel close to your party or close to the water.
  3. Bring the dogs and join Yappier Hour – We love Happy Hours here at the Woodmark and we also love our black lab, Woody Meg. Happening on the third Wednesday of each month through September outside on our North Lawn, it is the event for dogs and humans alike. Homemade dog treats are complimentary courtesy of Dorothy from Dining Dog and a wonderful selection of Happy Hour treats served by Beach Café. Find out more information here:  
  4. Indulge at Still Spa – We know how nice it is outside, but we also know the importance of feeling good on the inside. Still Spa has just released a brand new spa menu customized to you and your needs. We encourage you to stop in and speak with our spa concierge about our new products: Jindilly, Body Bliss, Intraceuticals and so much more. We have our expert therapists on standby for you.
  5. Play at Woodmark Waterfront Adventures –As much as we love looking at the water, Waterfront Adventures gives you the opportunity to elevate your experience and dive on into Lake Washington! There are many options to interact with the water from renting kayaks and paddleboards to jet-skis and boats. Find out more information here:

This is our top five for the heat of summer! We have an extensive list, all you need to do is swing by the front desk and talk with us. Depending on your wants and desires we can narrow down options so you can make an easy and flawless decision. We are here for your every need! Check back on Thursday for our top 5 activities to do in downtown Kirkland.

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