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Why Wine? Reasons a Glass a Day in Kirkland Can Be Good for You

We have all been told that wine is good for us but we always thought it was just an excuse to drink more of it right? Well actually we are finding now that though it may have been an excuse originally, now a glass of wine a day actually has many health benefits. These benefits all reflect drinking in moderation of course...

There is a polyphenol compound in wine called resveratrol that scientists have actually found to to have anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. All of these can be good for your health especially as you age. Red wine is especially high in this compound so if you have the choice, go red.

At bin on the lake, we have a vast amount of wines that you can try to find one you may like to enjoy once a day. To read our extensive wine list visit We offer wines by the bottle, glass, and flight so you enjoy Happy Hour with us (which we always would love to have you for) or take a bottle to enjoy at your home which can be just as good.

At bin on the lake, we are always looking for vintage and unique wines that can't be found anywhere else. We recently partnered with Bordeaux Wine Locators and Grand Vin Wine Merchants to provide Bordeaux and vintage wines that we have not had before. We are celebrating this partnership with a wine dinner on October 29th at 6:30 pm in our restaurant hosted by three special guests who will be coming all the way from France to personally deliver the wines and speak about the properties they represent.

The guests include:

  • Betsy Reynard of Canon La Gaffelière (St Emilion) and Branaire Ducru (St Julien)
  • Thibaut Decoster of Clos des Jacobins (St Emilion)
  • Guillaume Roi of Château Marsau (Côtes de Francs)

Tickets are available at

Interested in coming by for a glass of wine or for dinner? Call 425.889.0303 for a table or make a reservation online at

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Sporty in Seattle: Sporting Events That Give You a Reason to Stay in Seattle

Seattle has a wider array of sport offerings throughout the city and the fans in Seattle are truly the best. They are loyal to their teams win or lose which makes sporting events here so much more enjoyable. The Woodmark Hotel is a gathering place for many of these fans whether to catch a game on t.v. in Beach Café or catch ride over to a game on our Husky Cruises. Keep reading for the big sports to catch while you're in Seattle.

Right now, the biggest Seattle team in the news is the Seattle Seahawks as they just came off their Super Bowl season and are already showing signs of a repeat this season. The number 12th men has grown drastically and you can see by simply observing those around you near Seattle. Jerseys, shirts, flags, posters, and many other signs of being a fan populate the streets leading up to each week's game. At the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland right outside of Seattle, we show our support for the Hawks each week. Our bartenders at Beach Café serve 12th Man drink products and show every game on the TV's in the bar. Many of our employees put hints of blue and green in their attire to show their support on the clock as well. Our Director of Barketing even sports a 12th man scarf or jersey in support too! The biggest benefit of being a part of this movement is the community it builds. The Woodmark has always valued being a part of the Greater Seattle community and this gives another way to do so.

The Seattle Mariners recently wrapped up their season just one game away from making the playoffs this year. Though that doesn't sound successful the previous years have been nowhere near that mark and the fans have taken notice. You could feel the buzz among our guests and the surrounding city members. Moving to next season there will be excitement and hope for the fans so make sure you join in to witness it. Being right off the freeway on your way to Seattle, The Woodmark is here for you to return to after the game!

Lastly, we have the Seattle Sounders FC club that has brought soccer to life in the Seattle area. Our controller, Jac Cooper is a huge Sounders fan and is the beginning of their support in our Woodmark team. Being right near 520 is a great excuse for Sounders fans to make a staycation out of their next MLS experience with us. After the game they can grab some snacks from our Raid the Pantry amenity and then retire to their Napa Black Label Pillow Top Bed for a resting sleep.

There's always a reason to celebrate, whether it's a win or just a great experience at one of Seattle's sporting events. When you find that reason, the Woodmark Hotel near Seattle is ready to make that celebration special.

Call Reservations at 888.329.7553 to schedule your sporting experience today!

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Destination Kirkland: Big City with a Small Town Community

Kirkland is a special destination that everyone must experience sometime in their life. The atmosphere is city, but the friendly people and strong community support make it feel like a small town. So when you’re looking to stay in Kirkland for an opportunity to get away from the ordinary, let us  at the Woodmark help you make the most out of this destination.

Kirkland is a huge supporter of the arts in all capacities. Our Kirkland Performance Center brings the beauty of the theater to our backyard while galleries like ryan james fine arts bring modern creative art to the spotlight. Our Kirkland hotel also highly supports the arts. Our quarterly art rotation called Art in Action brings in artists affiliated with ryan james fine arts to showcase their work and also have the opportunity for it to be purchased if our guests feel intrigued to do so.

Relaxation is a must for us from Kirkland and the greater Pacific Northwest so spas are a huge part of the greater community. We all need to take a break and be “Still” for at least a couple moments each week. Our Kirkland hotel epitomized this idea by bringing forth our Still Spa. The Still Spa combines the action words of Revitalize, Replenish, Restore, and Relax to give our guests and regulars from the city an ultimate “Still” experience.

At the end of the day, the day doesn’t really end. Kirkland nightlife is alive and provides much more to do even after the sun goes down. Only about a mile down Lake Washington Boulevard at the cross street of Central Way there are restaurants and pubs to enjoy with a wide variety of offerings to make your night a memory. At the Woodmark in Kirkland, we have two restaurants and a bar to keep the night going. Even when they close, our Raid the Pantry amenity opens for late night snacks to fill you up after a long night of fun.

Ready to stay with us at the Woodmark in Kirkland? Call our Reservations team at 888.329.7553!

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Woody Meg’s Thank You to Pet Friendly Guests near Seattle

Now that our last Yappier Hour has closed, I want to give a special thank you to all of our pet friendly guests who came to the Woodmark near Seattle. Each of these events has brought some of my old furry friends as well as new making each so special. Keep reading for my thank you to everyone who was a part of the Yappier Hour in some way this summer.

My first thank you goes to every dog and their owner that came to one of these events to support. I want as many doggies to enjoy this event and see why the Woodmark is such a pet friendly hotel near Seattle. To my old friends who have been coming since the beginning, thank you for continuing our relationship and spending time with me. To the new friends I have met, I hope you will continue coming by with your families to the Woodmark for all of our future Seattle pet friendly events.

Next, I would like to thank the team at Beach Cafe for helping put together and make sure each Yappier Hour ran smoothly. The wonderful wait staff were a pleasure to have serving food and drinks making sure all of our guests weren’t thirsty or hungry (dogs or humans). The human food they had smelled so good, I wish I could have had some but I could tell they were enjoying it each time.

Lastly, I want to thank the special guests we had at each of the Yappier Hours. Thanks to Dorothy from the Dining Dog who served all of my friends with a smile. She made the event fun and was a joy to work with. Thanks to Annheuser Busch for coming out and doing some fun raffles with lots of great drinks. All of our human guests enjoyed what you guys had to offer. Thank you to Tina with Boo Boo Barkery and Boutique who gave away a gift card at our last Yappier Hour and also did nail trims for us. I tell you, I would do that myself but it is not easy!

Stay tuned for many more pet friendly events near Seattle. I am working diligently to continue these types of events all year round. Click the link below for a reminder for how to make the best experience when visiting the pet friendly Woodmark Hotel near Seattle with your furry friend.

Are you and your furry friends coming soon to stay with us? Call Woodmark Reservations at 888-466-7559 to plan your stay.

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Give Your Waist a Break: Top Five Things to Look for When You’re Out to Eat near Seattle

When we go out to eat, most of us accept we won’t be eating very healthy for that meal. This is what many call a “cheat meal”, but honestly it can turn to a “cheat day” or even longer if you’re not careful. We encourage our patrons to enjoy their dining experience, but also be mindful of their health when eating out near Seattle. This is why I have put together a list of the top ten things you should always look for when eating out. If you’re near Seattle, our menu has many of these options built in. 

Here is the list to help you make your next time dining out a healthy experience:

5. Forget the high fat appetizers

  • Onion Blossoms, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Cheese Fries, and Shrimp Cocktail among many others may sound healthy but can definitely be avoided. Instead, try plant based appetizers for fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

4. Look for dishes with lean protein

  • These will help satiate your appetite and keep your portion control correct. These include fish, beans, chicken, and lean pork. This can be in your appetizer or entrée.

3.  Avoid Creamy Dips, Especially Mayo Based

  • Try to avoid the creamy dips altogether. Also, always try to dip veggies rather than crackers or bread to receive much more nutritional value from the dish.

2. Eat only ½ to ¾ or the oversized portions and take the rest home for later

  • Have you ever looked at serving sizes? Almost nothing is presented in its actual serving size anymore. Even big portions of healthier food can be counterproductive. Eat some of the portions given and save the rest for later.

1. Most importantly…Plan Ahead!

All in all, going out to eat is a time to enjoy not worrying about your choices the entire time. If you plan ahead that it will be your “cheat meal,” go ahead and enjoy yourself! When you’re near Seattle, check out bin on the lake for a chance to be healthy and enjoy a meal out. We can help you do both!

Ready to go out for a meal near Seattle? Make reservations at bin on the lake here

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Football Season Starts This Week and the Woodmark Hotel near Seattle is a Special Kind of Fan

The Seahawks kick off their season this week and throughout the preseason we see Blue Friday represented by Seattle and its surrounding communities like Kirkland. Being so near to Seattle makes it so the Woodmark Hotel has diehard fans among the staff and guests staying with us as well. But there is another reason why the Woodmark has a special connection with the Seattle Seahawks. Their headquarters used to be here in Carillon Point!

The first ten seasons of Seahawks were centered right in the beautiful community of Kirkland only 15 minutes from Seattle. Their training camp was held in Cheney near Spokane at Eastern Washington University. They then opened new headquarters also in Kirkland right adjacent to Northwest College at the time, now Northwest University, and the players would actually stay in the dormitories. Their training facility was brought nearby as well and was completed in 2008 in Renton also right on Lake Washington.

So why does this matter for the Woodmark? We support our community and all the local teams 100 percent. Our Beach Café restaurant and Living Room bar have multiple televisions where we can stream the local games each day during all meals and Happy Hours. Being so close to Seattle, The Woodmark also has many great amenities and opportunities for fans to stay with us and enjoy the game as well. Football season is a busy time for us as we also have our Husky Cruise Boat Rides during the college season for University of Washington games. Avoid 520 traffic and ride comfortably across Lake Washington right to Husky stadium to enjoy the game and ride back afterwards.

We are all fans in some capacity, whether only watching on TV, being at every game, or wearing our local team gear. The Woodmark Hotel is near Seattle to make it a great spot to be a fan. We encourage you to share your fan experiences with us at the restaurants, on the water, or at the games!

Want more information on our Husky Cruises? Click here

Planning your next game day and need a place to stay? Call Reservations 888.466.7559.   

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