Be Inspired to Accomplish More at Your Next Meeting!photo

The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland is proud to be your genuine inspiration to accomplish more. Whether it is our location directly on Lake Washington or our friendly service, you will be sure to have all you need to accomplish more at your next meeting. But you also need to make sure your meeting is ready to help you make these accomplishments. Here is our guide to better meetings on Lake Washington.

Make sure to stay on topic...

We all want to change the world and sometimes meetings can lose their focus with huge ideas. Make sure to keep tangents limited so your team can focus on the task at hand. Setting up separate brainstorms or open forums are a great way to give those with lots of ideas time to share without taking away from your current objectives. Ask your meeting servers about flipcharts and other AV equipment that can help highlight the points of the meeting.

Don't leave the meeting right away...

Take some breaks in between. Have lunch together at Beach Cafe and mull over what the discussion has brought forward. Let everyone think of their questions to bring back into the meeting. Sometimes people won't understand everything that has been said so if you break it up, it will give them a chance to grasp everything.


Change it up...

Add some variety to your next meeting. Don't spend the entire day couped up in a boardroom. Start your day off with some business then head out on Lake Washington for some team building on paddle boards or jet skis. Maybe you want to hold part of your meeting in Still Spa while getting pedicures and enjoying some snacks. You'll be building your team and keeping them engaged better than any meeting before!

Woodmark Paddle Boards

Planning an upcoming meeting? Call our Woodmark Sales and Catering Team at 425.827.1986 to see how we can inspire your team in Kirkland.

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