Art in Action at the Woodmark Hotel: Featured Artist Jason Sinclair Astorquia

For those with an interest in local art, experience the Woodmark Hotel’s Art in Action exhibit highlighting a variety of sculptures, mixed media and two dimensional works throughout the hotel. As a committed supporter of the Kirkland arts community, the Woodmark has partnered with Ryan James Fine Arts in Kirkland who curates the quarterly feature. With local art displayed throughout guest room corridors, public spaces and our waterfront restaurants, find unique art by Jason Sinclair Astorquia in the lower lobby corridor across from the elevators.

Enjoy a video detailing the process of creating the Oz Series. Featured exclusively in the video, this unique piece entitled Blue/White is on display at the Woodmark and is available for purchase. Contact Ryan James Fine Arts at 425-814-9500 for pricing information.


About the Artist

Location: Seattle, Washington
Medium: Acrylic

Born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, Jason Sinclair Astorquia is the son of educators and is descended from bankers, politicians, ranchers, farmers, business people, common people, proud people, matriarchs, Scots, and Basques. Originally trained at Yale University in Applied Mathematics, he found that his professional life that was consumed with business operations never quite fit and was forever pursuing creative endeavors “on the side”. Jason has written music, poetry, and screenplays, and attended the Seattle Film Institute in 2003 before beginning to paint a few years later. In 2012 he transitioned to be a full-time working artist, life coach, and inward travel guide. Contributing to several benefit auctions, the proceeds of Jason’s work have benefitted Deep Roots, Alki Elementary School, DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women’s Network), PAVE (Partnership for Action, Voices for Empowerment), and the Alzheimer’s Association.  
Biography courtesy of Ryan James Fine Arts

Art in Action showcases several pieces of original works done by a number of local artists and is open to the general public for viewing. While exploring art throughout the hotel, find biographies about the artist adjacent to each work. To learn more about Jason Sinclair Astorquia and Ryan James Fine Arts, visit