Explore the Study of Braising at Kirkland Waterfront Restaurant: Seasonal Recipes & Comfort Cuisinephoto

The explorative ‘Study Of…’ series by the Destination Hotels & Resorts Culinary Collection has opted to focus not on a specific ingredient, but the age old cooking technique of braising. Nestled on the Kirkland, Washington waterfront at the Woodmark Hotel, bin on the lake restaurant magnifies this technique with sumptuous menu items like tomato braised beef brisket and flavorful lamb ragout with Cavatelli pasta.

The Study Of Braising is best demonstrated during the holiday season as it brings feelings of comfort and warmth that coincide with this time of year. It is also a technique that has applications across all types of cuisines and food varieties. Discover a wide variety of recipes and pairings across the entire Destination Culinary Collection.

At bin on the lake, Chef Dylan Giordan is keeping it seasonal as he highlights the cooking technique of braising. As the weather changes, the tempo is slow and low in the kitchen. Long cooked comfort foods warm the insides; our palates and our hearts. We hope our braising recipes will delight and inspire you to braise in your next culinary adventure.

Study Of Braising
Study of Braising at bin on the lake
Photo: (Left to Right ~ Braised Beef Brisket, Braised Kale, Braised Lamb Ragout)

Enjoy Study of...BRAISING Recipes

Braised Kale with Garlic & Chili (PDF Download)
Ninety Farms Lamb Ragout with Cavatelli Pasta (PDF Download)
Tomato Braised Beef Brisket with Greek style creamed Spinach (PDF Download)

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