Got Leftovers? Try these Post Thanksgiving Tips from the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland

We hope you all had a great holiday weekend full of laughter, family, and lots of good eating! Our team at Beach Cafe and bin on the lake hosted many families for the big meal and were glad to be a part of their holiday experience. The community of Kirkland is one where holiday cheer is felt in every smile and greeting from each customer that enters our doors. 

If you're like most of us, there is almost always leftovers from your big Thanksgiving meal. Nobody wants to let those go to waste! We have the solution for you. Keep reading for some great ideas for post-Thanksgiving recipes from the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. 

Turkey is a meat that is high in protein which none of us seem to get enough of. Women should be aiming for about 46 grams a day while men should be getting about 56 grams a day. This is a great excuse to put your turkey in a salad with your favorite dressing. Stay light on the dressing to keep your dish low in fat and to not counter balance the health benefits in the meal.

Another idea for your post-Thanksgiving meal is the cliche Turkey sandwich but not just any ordinary turkey sandwich. Try using a hoagie instead of your regular loaf of bread and try adding some peppers and other add ons for bold flavor. If you are not into spicy food, just some regular condiments can make this sandwich taste much better that usual.

There are many other ways to use your leftovers from Thanksgiving. If you have sides try mixing them together for a nice bowl of Thanksgiving. Or just recreate the meal on a plate if you haven't had enough.

If you're out of leftovers and tired of cooking, we've got you covered in Kirkland for two types of dining both with delicious flavors for the whole family.

Want us to take care of dinner tonight? Visit or for reservations at Beach Cafe or bin on the lake restaurants in downtown Kirkland. Both offer a lakeside views with flavors inspired by Beaches around the World in the Beach Cafe and lakeside local flavors at bin on the lake.