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Woodmark Waterfront Adventures at the Woodmark Hotel on Lake Washington offers a variety of summer watercraft rentals in Kirkland, Washington that provide a hassle-free, relaxing activity on the water. Perfect for families and friends alike, Woodmark Waterfront Adventures features quality equipment that's affordable, easy and safe to use.

As a valued hotel amenity featuring exciting lake activities, we highly recommended Lake Washington boat rentals for guest use. However, Woodmark Waterfront Adventures also serves the community. For boat rentals near Kirkland, enjoy a seamless experience and excellent customer service at the Carillon Point docks. Also find Jet Ski rentals, paddleboards, and Kirkland scooter rentals available at Woodmark Waterfront Adventure’s Rental Hut located in the Carillon Point turnaround on Lake Washington’s waterfront.  Take the watercrafts for an exciting adventure and enjoy an hour or full day on the water either solo, or with a group of family and friends.

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Schedule your Outing in Advance with a Reservation
We advise calling as early as possible to make sure that the day and time that you'd like is available. In order to hold your reservation, it must be paid in full. However,  you won't be asked to provide the damage deposit until the day of your rental. Contact Information

Are You New to Driving a Boat or Wave Runner? 

Driving a boat or a Waverunner can (and should) be extremely fun. The team at Woodmark Waterfront Adventures will make sure to answer any questions and tell you anything you need to know in order to have a fun, safe, relaxing time on the water. At all times there are 1- 2 dock attendants on duty to help you leave and enter the marina safely. Learn More 

Wetsuit Needed?
Lake Washington can be a bit chilly in June and mid-September, but the water temps in July and August typically range from 66-75 degrees. While some people may prefer a wetsuit, you shouldn't need one at any point during Woodmark Waterfront Adventure’s operating schedule (June 1st through September 15th).

Learn to Wakeboard in Kirkland, Washington
For those who haven’t mastered wakeboarding but want to rent a boat to try it out, go for it! However, your experience would be made better by already knowing how to get up before you rent a boat. We recommend scheduling one outing with our partners at Northwest Riders. They can teach you everything you need to know in one outing, in order to feel confident in your own abilities enough to rent a boat on your own.

Additional Fuel Charges
Please expect that fuel charges will be in additional to the rental rate. Boats and Waverunners vary widely in fuel consumption, so how much should you expect? We’ve found that it depends on how you plan to operate the equipment. Think of the watercraft like you would a car. Driving at a slow, consistent speed will burn fuel at a much slower rate than starting and stopping, accelerating quickly, or making quick abrupt turns. One hour on a boat driven gently might only use 1-2 gallons, while heavy use may go through 2-3 times that much. The same principle applies to a Waverunner. Learn More

Cancellation Policy
All reservations through Woodmark Waterfront Adventures must be paid in full at the time of reservation. Any cancellations made prior to 72 hours before rental start time will receive a 50% refund if Woodmark Waterfront Adventures is unable to re-book the equipment for the cancelled timeslot. In the event that the equipment is re-booked during that time slot, a refund of 90% is returned to you. Any reservations cancelled within a 72 hour window of your scheduled reservation start time will be ineligible for refunds if the equipment is not re-booked during your cancelled time slot. However, if the equipment is rebooked by another guest, a refund of 75% will be returned to you. 

In Need of a Driver?
If you are looking to rent a boat but not keen on driving the watercraft yourself, we can help! With advance notice of atleast 1-2 weeks, our team can schedule a highly qualified driver to accompany your waterfront adventure. Additional charges apply.

Call 425-216-2257 or email to schedule your boat rental today!