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A favorite shortcut to youthfulness and mental clarity is:  SLEEP.  Too little sleep causes accelerated aging, decreased alertness, fatigue, and memory lapses. With focus on restful sleep and rejuvenation, you'll find many benefits from correcting your sleep habits.

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My top two wonders of good sleep are:

1) Our bodies go into overhaul to repair injuries and also grow normal tissues.

2)  Our bodies produce the majority of our Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which allows us to maintain our strength and endurance.

The above benefits occur for ‘a part’ of every 90 minutes that we sleep.  Those 90 minute intervals are our sleep cycles.  Starting out light, we go into deeper sleep where the repair we need can happen.  Then our sleep gets lighter again.  We might wake, and start sleeping over and over again.

How much sleep is right for you?  It can vary.  Before the invention of the light bulb people slept, on average, 10 hours.  8 hours +/- is a good starting point.  The sleep cycles last about 90 minutes, and it would be great to have 5 or more of them to get your HGH and tissue regeneration.

An enemy of sleep can be SLEEP APNEA.  What may disguise itself as ‘snoring’ may be multiple bouts of choking/waking/ then falling asleep up to every minute or more.   Can you figure why that is bad?  You will never get to produce your HGH or other repairs, because you never get 90 minutes into a sleep cycle.  You only get a minute of sleep at a time.  This can be lethal.  Victims of sleep apnea will feel more tired after sleeping.  This is because of the lack of oxygen due to stopping breathing so much.

Sleep can have some other challenges.  Difficulty falling asleep.   Difficulty staying asleep.  Waking up too early and not being able to get back to sleep. 

Some tricks to aid in falling asleep:  Cut out caffeine by 5pm.  Don’t read books, or watch TV/computers/or other lit screen devices before bed (the light of the screens use a blue wave that simulates sunlight and starts our brains on a Morning Cycle when we should be on a night cycle).  Don’t exercise before bed (heating up the body keeps it awake). 

My favorite aid:  Have a small notepad and pen on your nightstand.  When a problem comes to mind, write it down, then forget about it.  You can fall asleep with confidence that you will take care of that problem later.

About Mark Hughes, L.M.P.
Mark is a Seattle native.  In 1993 he received his license in Massage Therapy.  His experience ranges from medical/injury recover work to restful relaxation work.  In his spare time he travels the country to compete in recreational softball tournaments.  He also enjoys learning foreign languages, currently Japanese and Korean.

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