Love is in the Air: Plan Ahead for the Big Day with the Big Show

The Seattle Wedding Show is approaching this next weekend and this is where your journey begins. All you need for your big day in one place. This can be a huge time saver because you could end up leaving with a list of vendors you have chosen to work with. Our Woodmark team will be at the show talking about our venue right on Lake Washington and how that beauty can't be duplicated. This event is an amazing time but can also be stressful and intimidating. Keep reading for some tips to survive your next wedding show experience and even get some things done in preparation for your wedding.

Join us for the Seattle Wedding Show this coming weekend but keep these tips in mind to make sure you get the most out of your experience:

Don’t be embarrassed to ask lots of questions. That’s why you are at the show. Professionals are happy to share what they know with you. Be gutsy . . . taste the cake and smell the flowers.


Our Kirkland team is ready to answer any of your questions and give the personalized attention you deserve. This is day is special and we don't expect you to know it all yet. Take some samples see what makes the best sense for you.


Ask your fiancé to come along. It is much more likely that you will be able to make a decision and book a vendor, if accompanied. The groom’s participation in wedding planning is growing. Today, about 30% of grooms accompany their brides to wedding shows.


Make the 30% grow! This day is for both of you and so both of you should be involved. That way you can make decisions there and get things checked off of your list. Our Seattle Wedding team encourages grooms to be just as involved as their bride for the pure efficiency of the process.

Plan to spend a minimum of three to four hours in order to see all the exhibits and the fashion show.


Lastly, don't rush through the show by setting some time aside to enjoy the experience. If you don't make every decision or get everything done that's okay! Get contact information for the vendors you are interested in working with and stay in touch. Each couple can contact any of our Catering Managers for personalized attention in planning their lakeside wedding in downtown Kirkland.


Come see us at the Seattle Wedding Show this weekend! Call our Catering Team at 425.827.1986 to let us know you are coming!