Make it a Date Night in Kirklandphoto

In any relationship, creativity can be a driving force to continue to cultivate the love you have committed to each other. This means getting a little creative and taking your significant other out on dates consistently and creatively. Don't let your special Valentine's day become the only day every year that you do anything out of the ordinary together. Kirkland is a perfect spot for you to start. Our guests are always looking for ways to enjoy the unique spots in Kirkland so we want to share some of these tips with you too.

Places to Go...

Kirkland is a hotspot for many privately owned bars and restaurants that put their own twist on the guest experience. One of our favorites is Flatstick Pub right on Lake Street in downtown Kirkland. They combine local beers and ciders with a not so normal 9 hole mini golf course for their patrons to attempt in the back of the pub. A great way to enjoy tastes of the Northwest while also playing a game that no one is great at but everyone enjoys.

Flatstick Pub Kirkland

Things to Do...

Get a couples massage at Still Spa in Kirkland. We're not just saying that because we can make that happen, studies have shown that couples massages can actually help couples bond more intimately. Spend 80 minutes with each other in silence or whispering and reminiscing about all the great times you have had together. After you have relaxed, continue the conversation over dinner and wine at bin on the lake.

We want to continue to provide you with the best ideas for staying creative in your relationship. One thing that really helps is setting a date night every week so you know that is the time for you two to spend well deserved time together.

Stay tuned for more date night ideas in Kirkland in the coming weeks. You never have to go far to discover.