On the Road Again? Stay Fit and Healthy with Tips from the Woodmark Hotel Near Seattle

Many of us find ourselves on the road week after week for business travel. This takes away from any time we have to go to a gym or even go out on a run. Changes in weather, climate, elevation, etc. can all be reasons or excuses for why your health and fitness is left behind. When you’re near Seattle though, we at the Woodmark have multiple offerings for you take your health and fitness to the next level. But if you don’t have time for that, keep reading for some other tips you can do in minutes as well.

The first thing to making sure your fitness endeavors will be successful is setting solid and firm goals that you want to achieve. These can be lose weight, gain muscle, increase endurance, etc. but it is best to include concrete numbers when setting these goals. For example, instead of just I want to lose weight, state it as an action item: I will lose 5 pounds this month. Write this out and sign it as a commitment to yourself that you will stay true to your goal, no excuses!

Now that you have eliminated excuses from your vocabulary, here are some ways to conquer your next business trip with fitness and health:

  • Bring along resistance bands or jump ropes- These are both great ways to get some strength training and cardio in each day. They are also really easy to pack into a suitcase without taking up much room.
  • If you’re near the water…use it- If where you’re staying has some sort of water near it or in it, use that as a way to get some exercise and have some fun. If you’re on business travel near Seattle, the Woodmark Hotel is right on Lake Washington with offerings from Woodmark Waterfront Adventures of paddleboarding and kayaking as great ways to exercise.
  • Walk and run around- Use this as an opportunity to check out the surrounding area you are staying in. On Carillon Point near Seattle, we have boardwalks and docks along the water for you to walk or run on while enjoying the beautiful views it provides.
  • Use facilities if provided by your hotel- Many hotels and resorts will provide some sort of fitness center for complimentary use while on your stay. Take advantage of this as much as possible. At the Woodmark Hotel near Seattle, we have a fitness center with equipment for use as well as our neighbors at Fly Fitness who provide our guests with fun and creative fitness class options for all fitness goals.

These are all great ways to stay fit while on business travel near Seattle or anywhere else you may be going. We also want to make sure you keep yourself healthy while on business travel as well. At the Still Spa, we believe a still mind creates a happy body and we want to exude that for everyone that comes in. We have treatments of all kinds to make sure you stay relaxed and healthy. Check out our latest menu changes that we updated with you in mind; giving you the up to date most relevant treatments with a customized feel is what focused on.

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