Shake the Shivers and Save Your Skin with Still Spa at the Woodmark in Kirkland

As the days of winter continue to be chilly and give us the shivers, our skin is also taking a hit. As we warm up, our skin dries out causing a general tight and dry feeling, even leading to cracking. Nobody likes that feeling! At Still Spa in Kirkland, we have some ways to help replenish your dry skin and some things you can try at home before you see us. Keep reading to learn more about protecting your skin as we go through the cold holiday season. 

In order to protect your skin, you must first understand it. Seek a specialist that understands the best actions to revive and then protect your skin. Our team of therapists at Still Spa in Kirkland are ready to give you advice on the right things to do through a skin consultation. Their goal is to make you happy and healthy so they will always keep your best interest in mind.

We all try to moisturize in the spring and summer when the heat inevitably dries out our skin, but we should also consider doing the same in the winter time. Use oil based moisturizers to create a protective layer over the skin to keep it from drying out as you go from outside cold to inside heat. Make sure to be careful with the oils that you use on your face so you don't clog your pores. Avocado or mineral based moisturizers will help declog your pores and protect your face as well. Staying hydrated is also key in helping revuvenate the skin. Your skin actually becomes like what you consume so make sure your diet reflects what you would want your skin to be. Make sure to exfoliate regularly to clear old skin but always follow up with moisturizer to protect the new skin.

The last tip we have to protect your skin is for those of you in the snow. We have not seen any snow in the Kirkland area yet, but there are precautions to take when it starts falling. Use sunscreen, yes use sunscreen in the winter. The snow glare from the sun can actually burn you just as easily as the sun in the summertime. If you are planning on skiing or snowboarding, this is an easy way to make sure any exposed skin is still protected!

Still Spa in Kirkland is committed to making sure your skin is rejuvenated after every visit with us. But when you aren't able to make it to us, we want to make sure you know what you can do to keep your glowing skin. Truly healthy skin doesn't just come from what you put on it but what you are doing to work within the skin you're in!

Want to learn more about how you can start rejuvenating your skin? Call 425.803.9000 or visit to book your appointment today!