Sweet Dreams: Sleeping Successfully while on Business Travel in Seattle

There are a lot of things on your mind when traveling for business. Closing the deal, hitting the quota, and nailing that regional meeting are all things we want to accomplish when traveling for business. This causes a lot of stressors that a lot of the time won’t turn off when it is time to recharge. Many times we find ourselves not getting a good night sleep when we need it most and it can impact our performance in business. At the Woodmark Hotel, our main priority is to always give our guests an atmosphere to recharge when on business travel in the Seattle area. Keep reading for some tips we have to make your next business trip successful.

The Stress Management Society mentions that when you feel stressed it puts your body in fight or flight mode which produces cortisol and adrenaline that makes it harder to relax or sleep. In a business travel situation, these are constantly running throughout the day making it much harder to fall asleep at night when you finally need to stop and recharge. They say the best way to cope with this stress is light exercise and fresh air.

At the Woodmark, we provide quality meeting spaces with lots of windows and patio space to give our guests an opportunity to do business near Seattle, but relax at the same time.  For our guests looking to exercise we also have two facilities where they can go to wind down after their business in Seattle is taken care of. Fly Fitness gives our guests access to classes inside and outside to get up and get moving. We also have a Fitness Center available to guests that lets them workout how they want while on business travel in Seattle.

Sleep is a big part of successful business travel and if you don’t sleep well, you don’t do business well. WebMD mentions a recent study that showed business travelers that lost a few hours of sleep either because of time zones or other reasons saw their performance dramatically impacted. They said any sleep period less than six hours significantly will impact performance.

When our guests are on business travel near Seattle, we don’t want this to happen so we have made the proper changes to help. We added one of the highest rated sleep experiences in the hospitality industry to all of our guest rooms and suites recently, the Simmons Beauty Rest Napa Black Label Pillow Top Mattress. This mattress uses true encasement and cooling technology to allow guests to enjoy a deeper, undisturbed sleep through the night. We are moving forward to show why all of our business travelers in the Seattle area should stay with us.

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