Think Outside the Basket this Easter in Kirkland

From our team at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland we wish you an early Happy Easter! When this holiday comes around everyone knows the routine, brunch with family and friends followed by the Easter egg hunt. These are great times but this year we encourage you to get creative in celebrating this Sunday. Keep reading for three ideas for fun activities that kids and adults will enjoy.

This year at the Woodmark Hotel both bin on the lake and Beach Cafe are hosting Easter brunches for you to enjoy with family and friends. But what's the plan after that...Here's three ideas for you to try this Sunday:

Sidewalk Chalk Decorations

Break out the classic childhood sidewalk chalk and draw bunnies or eggs as big as the kids. Better yet, let the kids' imaginations run wild and see what they can create that fits in with the holiday. Make sure to snap some pictures after before the rain washes it away. You never know with the weather at this time of the year...

Easter Egg Toss

We don't suggest using real eggs but if you are daring go right ahead. Get everyone a partner and have them toss an plastic egg filled with candy back and forth, taking a step back with each catch. See who gets the farthest away without dropping the egg. The winners get the candy inside their egg! 

 Adult Easter Egg Hunt!

At the Woodmark, this year we aren't forgetting the adults. Whether you're a kid at heart or are interested in winning some great prizes, join us Sunday for Easter brunch and then try your hand in our adult easter egg hunt. Every brunch guest will receive a sealed egg with a coupon inside for one of our restaurants or Still Spa. You must keep those eggs sealed and return the egg by April 18th to see what's inside and redeem it!

We will also be hiding 4 golden Easter eggs around the property each containing a grand prize. Anyone who has brunch with us is also eligible to find the golden eggs! The prizes are:

So what are you waiting for? Make your Easter plans right now and take part in our 1st adult Easter egg hunt!

Reservations for Beach Cafe available at or call 425.889.0303 and for bin on the lake at or call 425.803.5593.