What Would Woody Do? Top Tips for Visiting Woodmark Hotelphoto

As a traveler you have your own agenda. No matter what you’re here for, the Woodmark Hotel provides some distinctive experiences that are crucial to explore! What could be better than a nice stroll by the lake to escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday? Dive into a new perspective and take advantage of everything the Woodmark provides. Before Woody retires at the end of the month, our resident labradoodle and Director of Guest Satisfaction would like to recommend the top five experiences while visiting the Woodmark Hotel on Lake Washington.

Take a lakeside Fitness Class

Art Walk through Carillon Point

Raid the Woodmark's Pantry

Cruise Lake Washington aboard the Woodmark II

Taste a dish that features our own Bees honey


5) Take a lakeside fitness class

Find FlyFitness just across the plaza from the Woodmark Hotel. As a hotel guest, you have great access to a variety of classes, some of which take you outside to experience fresh air and allow you to truly soak in the Pacific Northwest surroundings. Choose from a variety of classes like Organized Chaos, an ultimate calorie burning workout that is unique, fun and challenging!

4) Art Walk through Carillon Point

Find a balance while staying at the Woodmark Hotel. Whether here for work or play, re-center yourself and take a walking self-guided art tour through Carillon Point. Follow the shoreline trail and capture a piece of mind while enjoying the stunning views and captivating sculptures throughout your path. One popular kinetic piece is the Glassinator by Andrew Carson. Made from copper, stainless steel and glass, this sculpture dances in the wind while converting light rays into beautiful reflections of colors. Other features along the walk include Verona by Stephen Marks, Nautilus Alive by Ulrich Pakker, and The Family by Michael Dennis which was dedicated to the families that developed Carillon Point.


3) Raid the Woodmark’s Pantry

A unique amenity at the Woodmark is our fully stocked pantry. The pantry is located in the lobby and is open for raiding every night from 11pm-1am. The pantry features grab-and-go options like cookies, crackers, chips, and candy. Each night the kitchen whips up at least one home-style dish and fresh-made sandwiches. Grab some snacks on your way in from a late night out or come down from your luxurious accommodations in your most stylish pajamas! What’s better than complimentary guilt-free snacking in the late night hours?  The pantry is designed in a way that encourages you to take as much as you’d like. Cheers!

2) Cruise Lake Washington aboard the Woodmark II

Our lakeside location keeps us close to everything, but far from the everyday. As part of your home on the lake we suggest taking time to get out on the water and gain a new perspective. Before the winter approaches and the winds start to strengthen, jump on board the Woodmark II, our 28-foot classic Chris Craft Sedan Express, and learn some interesting facts about the lake. Our captain is very knowledgeable about the area and thrilled to answer any questions you may have. One of the great features of the tour is viewing the extravagant homes located among the shores. Lasting approximately two hours, the cruise showcases unique real estate and downtown Seattle views from the vantage point of Lake Union. Schedule your lake cruise today!  (Boat capacity is six people. Guests are $35 per person; non-guests are $50 per person)

1) Taste a dish that features our own Bees honey

Taste the golden honey produced by very own Italian honeybees that reside right here on Carillon Point! After a long summer of production, the bees have delivered a fresh and pure ingredient for several exciting dishes at bin on the lake. After an intensive process of scraping the honeycomb, cleaning and filtering, our finished product has added great flavor across the menu. We suggest trying the Panna Cotta that features our own honey, peach compote, and hazelnut tuile. Our honey is also featured in our house-made butternut honey caramel ice cream and honey French 75 drink.

panna cotta