Woodmark Celebrates Woody's Retirementphoto

The Woodmark Hotel is excited to announce that Woody, our resident Labradoodle and Director of Guest Satisfaction will be retiring at the end of October. It will be a bittersweet goodbye, but we feel he has so much more to experience outside of the hotel. Woody has graced us with countless hours of faithful service and tail wags, so we couldn’t be happier to celebrate his recent years with us. He has devoted a solid fourteen doggie years of service and love. In honor of his retirement, we would like to share some great memories of Woody.


Memories of Woody

Woody loves his mini rawhide bones! Most pups would chew them up right away, but Woody likes to play hide and seek with them by going into a corner, digging a metaphorical hole in the carpet, and burying it from the world. He’ll then prance around and gloat his ability to successfully hide his precious doggy trophy from his conspiring friends. Being that he’s so adorable when he “misplaces” his titillating treats, it’s never long before we “find” it tucked behind a doorway or under a desk. We’ll even occasionally find one we didn’t know he had, as he disappears in the back seat of the car and reappears with a rawhide in his mouth, grinning from ear to floppy ear. In conclusion, while we have always enjoyed pulling Woody, on a reclamation mission, from between the couch cushions when he’s stuck, our ultimate goal will always be to finally convince him to eat one of his bones instead of hoarding them.

Submitted by Ben Garves

Woody would never pass up an opportunity to swim in Lake Washington! Every so often, we would love to take Woody on lakeside strolls to enjoy the fresh air. Once in a while we would let him jump into the water with pure joy and satisfaction. He would race around the back office and lobby with his skinny legs all sopping wet, bursting with excitement. One day an associate decided to take Woody for a quick walk down the waterfront. Not planning on taking a dip, the associate looked away for one minute, and the next was pulled into the cold waters of Lake Washington.  Oh, Woody.

Submitted by Kristi Holliday


Woody’s Future

As part of Woody’s retirement, he would like to announce his plans to tie the knot this coming January! After being part of countless bridal photo shoots and bride bonding, Woody wants to experience his own signature Woodmark Winter Wedding for himself and his fiancé, a beautiful Goldendoodle.  Meanwhile, Woody is being adopted by a loving family from Renton, Washington. Stay tuned for more details on Woody's upcoming nuptials.

The Present

Woody’s retirement will be celebrated at CityDog Magazine’s Halloween-themed Muttmixer on Tuesday, October 30th on the Woodmark Hotel’s Olympic Terrace.  Bring your four-legged friends from 6-8pm to enjoy tricks and treats for all canine attendees, a costume contest, and food and drink specials available for purchase. The mixer is free to attend. To RSVP, email the number of people and dogs attending to rsvp@citydogmagazine.com. For more information about the Muttmixer, click here.

As you can imagine, we are all going to miss Woody very much. We are excited for his future! If you have any memories of Woody, we would love for you to share with us!