You Have the Power, Use it to Discover Kirkland with the Woodmark Hotelphoto

At the Woodmark Hotel we are honored to be a part of such a rich destination like Kirkland. Whether it is the strong rooted community, authentic local life, or small town welcome to a city, Kirkland has a experience ready for you to discover. At the Woodmark Hotel, we seek to empower our guests to create their stay through every memory that makes the overall story. Each week we will be highlighting an experience you will find in our beautiful city but your personal story is up to you and how you choose to embark it. Keep reading for this week's experience to begin creating your Kirkland story.

Lakeside Rejuvenation

You will shortly find that one of the top benefits of Kirkland is it's proximity to the beautiful, still, and serene Lake Washington. This leaves endless possibilities based on season and the type of story each guest is looking to tell.

  • Seeking Adventure? Brave the wake in a kayak or jet ski dashing through the water full speed towards a high speed memory

Lake Washington Kayaks

  • Seeking Relaxation? Slow down and take out a stand up paddle board as you take in the breathtaking views while balancing on the surface of Lake Washington.

 Kirkland Paddle Boards

  • Want to go beyond? Take a tour on the Woodmark II with Captain Rob and tell him where you would like to go.

Woodmark II Kirkland

Every guest has a story of Lake Washington. We encourage you to make yours and tell us about it! Share it with our front desk team or send us a picture on Facebook!

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