Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa Invests in Leading Edge Air Filtration System

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NBPI) system used in commercial aircraft

Kirkland, Wash. (November xx, 2020) - In the interest of the health of guests and visitors, The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa announced it has invested in a Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) system to provide safer indoor air quality to all hotel public spaces, including Still Spa and Carillon Kitchen. This patented technology, acquired from its vendor Global Plasma Solutions (GPS), is the only active purification system that has been approved to operate in commercial aircraft, renowned for its superior air quality. 

Installed directly onto existing heat pumps, the NPBI units use an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of ions, which attach themselves to sub-particles, pathogens, and gas molecules, making them filterable. In addition, they kill pathogens and travel within the air stream in occupied spaces, effectively breaking down viruses, mold, allergens, odors, and bacteria. These units, in combination with upgraded MERV-13 filters already in place, allow for approximately 97% filtration of airborne virus particulate.      

With this new system, The Woodmark is also reducing energy consumption by up to 30% and lowering its carbon footprint by limiting outdoor air intake. Unlike other BPI and Ultraviolet (UV) systems, NBPI produces no harmful by-products and is UL 2998 No-Ozone Certified, meaning it produces no ozone during operation. 

“As we move into the colder months and spend more time inside, It is our hope that this additional layer of air filtration – combined with our already heightened safety protocols – will provide our guests with additional comfort when spending time at our hotel,” said General Manager Rod Lapasin of The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa.

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Kirsten Andresen