Making a Difference

We are proud to have a passionate team of leaders throughout the hotel to ensure that all departments and team members of the Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa are personally involved and committed to green initiatives.

  • Sourcing environmentally‐responsible services and products, and purchasing organic, environmentally‐friendly and recycled supplies whenever possible
  • Purchasing fresh and sustainable foods locally grown, whenever possible
  • Creating partnerships with other organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to preserving the environment
  • Leading our associates to apply eco‐friendly practices in their daily operations
  • Reducing the environmental impact by utilizing environmentally responsible building materials and strategies for renovations
  • Retrofitting our hotel with water‐saving devices and energy‐efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems
  • Implementing tools that allow us to continually measure the progress of our property and support their commitment to preserving the environment through the Woodmark Sustainability program